Michael William Andersen / Press

"My recording of SPacE ODDity 69-13 was reviewed by this site and complimented as of value".

“Your music inspires us :)‏ Just wanted to reach out to you and to say how great your music is at http://michaelwilliamandersen.info/ I really appreciated your latest track 'California Girls', you can tell from the beginning that there is a lot of emotion in your music and I think this is something listeners can really appreciate and relate to. This is certainly something I love about talented musicians.”

"This sounds pretty good, it sounds a little hyper. What is wrong with it?" - Quote of Emerson, Lake & Palmer concerning my guitar sound on their recording. __________________________________________________________________________ I sent EL&P one of these three tunes: 1.) http://www.soundclick.com/paypal/default.cfm?songid=11130246&bandid=1125884 *****************************************2.) http://www.soundclick.com/paypal/default.cfm?songid=10622647&bandid=1125884 ***************************************** 3.) http://www.soundclick.com/paypal/default.cfm?songid=11130156&bandid=1125884 ........ I didn't think anything was wrong with the recording so I didn't write back to them but, I was really excited that they liked it. I recorded the song at home using a CD player and a guitar.