“Many times in the past I've written about the personal reward I receive from publishing the Weekly Music Commentary. Over a period of just a few years I have met a number of good and great musicians. I follow quite a number of them and their career accomplishments closely. I have a short list of artists whom I featured before any album or EP release, and gain internal satisfaction as they create more music and grow to acquire wide acclaim. This week is special to me because I am featuring an entertainer for the second time. This week I chose to feature the multi-talented entertainer Michael V. Doane. years of listening to Michael V. Doane’s music, he seems to always surprise me. I never know what to expect. The only thing for sure is that it will be good. For those of you reading who may not be familiar with Michael V. Doane, I have the privilege of introducing you to one of the greater entertainers of our time.”

“Michael V. Doane is a driven and charismatic song-writer with a fondness for direct, energetic and in-your-face rock songs. His most recent EP, Rock Family, is a testament to Michael’s incredible versatility and broad creative spectrum. From rock and roll to blues, metal and soul, Michael set out to borrow from the vast vernacular of contemporary music in order to create a compelling and personal narrative. Although 4 songs might not sound like a lot, the four tracks featured within “Rock Family” stretch and bend Michael’s vision towards many different directions and textures, embodying the gritty spirit of punk rock, the power of arena rock and the appeal of pop within a balanced formula. Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story.”

“Michael V. Doane was recently awarded Best Rock Song for "Keep Running". The song, a non-album single released in September, beautifully weds Soul and Rock to separate from the pack. Doane's vocals are strong and crisp, always hitting the notes with a laser precision. There is a wonderful density to the chorus, the sound enveloping the listener like a glove looking to keep you warm. I love it, and the official accompanying music video.”

"No matter if it's soul, funk, rock, pop, country or acoustic influences - Michael V. Doane is a gifted musician, blessed with a big soulful voice and the potential to become huge."

Strutter UK

"Amazing contemporary artist who you can't pigeon-hole, as there's so many musical styles tackled and conquered on his excellent 2012 album 'Little Kid'"

Metalville UK

"From beginning to end, Michael V. Doane's 2012 release 'Little Kid' is brilliant."

Gustavo Monroy - Edge on the Net

“Keep Running” by Michael V. Doane. Michael is back with a hot new single! “Keep Running” is a terrific tribute to 80s glam rock. Doane delivers a steamy vocal performance and the song will put a smile onto listener’s faces all over the world. Grade: A !”

“Michael V. Doane just released “Little Kid” - and the album contains very good music. The first track, “We Did It Right”, caught my attention right away. The music, production level, and presentation all speak loudly and say Michael V. Doane is not a newcomer. Once I heard “We Did It Right” I immediately purchased the entire album. I encourage all of you reading this blog you will not be disappointed if you follow suit and purchase “Little Kid”. “We Did It Right” is very easy to describe as pure funk. I have been an avid fan of funk music since my teenage years (Cameo is one of my favorite groups) and Michael V. Doane’s first song of the album is refreshing. As I listened to the other tracks on the album, I found that “Little Kid” was more than just good songs compiled onto one disc. Michael V. Doane carefully constructed an album with songs that fit an overall theme. “Little Kid” is like great old albums of music past, when lyrics told a story.”

“One of the most fascinating singer-songwriters I have ever had the experience of interviewing is Michael V. Doane. This triple-threat performer has incredible vocals performances and superb lyrics that are featured throughout his award-winning debut album "Little Kid" and have impressed both audiences around the country and in the entertainment industry. In an exclusive interview, Michael talked to me about his songwriting skills, his experience working with a famous Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter and the success of his debut album, "Little Kid".”