Michael Tyrone Boyd / Press

“multivictorious1, Your latest upload got lots of props and comments -- and has passed the THRESHOLD OF HOTNESS. As a reward, you get a flame icon thingy on this upload, which will draw even more attention to its awesomeness. Like so: Congrats! As of this writing, chances are your song is featured on Fandalism's front page..”

“rachechuck Hоlу! Υοur Videоs Аrе Ԍood Howdy! Ӏ just caught оnе of yοur vids οn ΥouTube. Ϲаn you say АԜESOМE! Ι ϲаnʻt ƅelіeve that your vіdеo isn't gеttinɡ morе views, I mеan come on people! Seriously, Yоur vids аre some of tһe bеst аrоund, cаnʻt ƅelieve more ρeорle haven't enjoyed them. Τһаnk уou so muϲһ for making something І actuаlly enϳoyed, itʹs so hard tο fіnd tһаt on YouTube. Ιtʻs so wеіrd tһаt people seem to watch tһе sаme kіnd οf ɡarbaɡe vіdеos all thе time. I mean ϳust look at thе most pоρular videos, when compared to yοurs they sеem sο stаle.”

“Hello Michael Boyd, An XPOrAdio Fan has just listened to your song "Thank You Lady For Loving Me" and rated it 4 star(s). The RATING SCALE is as follows: 1-star = Okay. 2-stars = I like it! 3-stars = I like it a lot! 4-stars = I love it! We are all in this together! Your success is our success and our success is your success. ”

“Hi Michael T. Boyd, I Love Christmas! has been featured on The Spotlight Radio Show! SPOTLIGHT on Holiday - Dec 22, 2012 Enjoy the show. Best Regards, SongCast - Indie Artist Radio”

“Hi Michael Tyrone Boyd, Your video: Thank You (Lady) For Loving Me So Much! has been given an award. Song Award Bronze Awarded for a well written original song.”