Michael Shepherd Band / Press

"Rooted in th e sound of 70s American radio rock, they have a bluesy approach and an ear for a melody that suggests if they had arrived in 1978 and not in 2013, they'd be tearing up the highways of the States and playing to adoring fans... "Mistery Woman" is pure Moody and Marsden era Whitesnake... The 38Special sounding "Days of Thunder" and the boogie tune "Gambler", while "heartache and Booze" has the feel of Ronnie Van Zant and Lynyrd Skynyrd...if you want something that sounds like those albums in your old vinyl collection, then MSB are a good find." 7 Powerpoints

Duncan Jamieson - Powerplay Magazine

"A wonderful album, it could very well be one of the finest AOR-tinged southern sounding discs that 38 Special never recorded. Throw in a bit of Whitesnake balladry and you've got the MSB sound down to a tee..."

Rob Evans - Powerplay Magazine issue 153 May 2013

"Inspired by Bad Company, Whitesnake, Lynyrd and the likes, the Michael Shepherd Band has just released a very fine record in the vein of these 70ies 'artists..."


"...they play a fine, AOR laden, classic rock which I imagine would have lighters held aloft in stadiums worldwide given half a chance. Musically the band sound like a mix of Journey, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and Lynyrd Skynyrd with all the classic rock hallmarks in place, solid rock tracks, big ballads, great harmonies and excellent guitar work."

“The guys in Michael Shepherd Band have learned the lesson with wisdom, adding thier own touch to the proceedings. Singer (and guitar player) Baba has a voice recalling Johnny Van Zant's most melodic era,... Single and opener "This Time Around" delivers classic melodies with interesting guitar arrangements and a chorus reinforced by many (mostly female) backing vocalists. Really good tune sporting a solid six-string solo as well. Some tracks go for melodic rock bounce like "Days Of Thunder" (with a flamboyant solo) and the Journey influenced "Reach For The Sky". Others are more heavy as the groovy "U Can Do What U Want" and "Gambler" (WhiteSnake anyone?) while "Mistery Woman" is a whisky-soaked bluesy midtempo with nice atmosphere. "Beautiful" is indeed a beauty ballad but my preferred is the organic "Badlands", a very good one with a slightly Southern feel. ”

“MSB - II (S/R - 2013) 80's sounding rock band from Luxemburg with a dude called Baba on vocal who has a very whisky soaked country voice and puts it to good use indeed. Highlights include openin Whitesnake like pomp of the outstanding 'This Time Around' (that comes as a Radio Edit too ), a cracking cover of Linda Perry's 'Beautiful, the Southern Rock of 'Gambler' ; more Whitesnake sounds in 'U Can Do What U Want' and the awesome instrumental slidiness of 'Long Way From Home'. Excellent 2nd release from the Michael Shepherd band. 10/10”