Michael Rey / Press

“Montréal’s Bran Van 3000 are thrilled to introduce Grace (Love on the Block), the first single from the new album, set for an official release on October 19! Recorded in part in Los Angeles (Silverlake) and in Montréal (in both Hochelaga, and The Troublemakers Studio in Little Italy), the single Grace (Love on the Block) is BV3’s special way of giving thanks to the fans, after the incredible turnout at the ‘08 Montreal International Jazz Festival, where no less than 225,000 people came to celebrate with the massive sound system! Rock and dirty groove dangerously meet in this new BV3 cocktail, much like the song’s two adventurous lovers. James Di Salvio’s voice and beats are as energetic as ever, aided by Michael Rey on bass, Chris Thorn and John Kastner on guitars, Dave Hodge on trombone, Cristobal Tapia de Veer on keyboards, and Erica Fick, Marc Bell and the BMD Crew on additional vocals. Grace (Love on the Block) is the first radio single from the new album due out this”

Bran Van 3000

“Let’s Go Bowling’s popularity took band members all over the world to perform, frequently playing on the same bill as their childhood idols. “To be able to tour with those guys, especially The Specials, and sit up and talk to them every night. It’s like, ‘Wow,’ playing with our idols." Shaping ska into an individual sound is not only American, but it is also evolution. Let’s Go Bowling’s Michael Rey de Leon explains, “We want to see what we can do with it and go for it and put it one stretch farther. I think we all want to be innovators here. We want to innovate the music. We don’t want to be a really good ska band, we want to be a really good band, because if we’re a really good ska band, we’re not helping the genre at all. The innovators bring something new to the genre. We want to stretch it out, take it to another level. It’s evolution. Take steps in leaps and bounds, not a little bit at a time.””