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“getaway cowboy -- Mike "soulQ" Pilgermayer used to write jingles, but you'd never know it from this. Take your basic early 70s rock song, complete with choked rhythm guitar & power chords, then write a complex, inventive middle complete with a vocal transplant and you have this slightly off-the-beaten-path number. This well-produced and recorded number sets a decent bar to follow”

“ “Settle and Rush” by the powerhouse rock band named Soul Q is a melting-pot album that pioneers into new musical territory. Bearing heavy influences of jazz, funk, and folk, Soul Q defines a daring, yet pleasantly refreshing rock sound that is simply magnetic! Guitar hooks, melodic hooks – all kinds of hooks - make “Settle and Rush” hard to forget! “Ruby Slippers” flaunts an amazing lead guitar riff and an infectious rhythm that is hard to shake off! Moreover, it provides the best snap-shot of Soul Q’s soothing and gracefully-toned vocals. “Q Funk” shows just how seamless and compelling the compositions on this CD are, mixing a jazzy bass and guitar line with an overlaying rock guitar solo. Furthermore, slick analogies and elegant rhymes build the lyrical foundation of these loveable tunes! Fans of groovy rock, spicy jazz, and good-old funk and bands such as The Dave Matthews Band will surely welcome “Settle and Rush” with open ar”

Xavier P - radioindy.com

"Mike Pilgermayer is a compelling artist in the truest sense of that word. He writes his own unique, intense, and personal songs and delivers them with musical excellence, passion and authority. Check him out if you get the chance - you'll be glad you did."

“Mike Pilgermayer is the head honcho in this trio. These guys are tight. You can hear that these guys are seasoned vets on this recording, Settle and Rush. I can usually tell within the first two minutes of listening if it sucks or not. The title song passed my first three tracks test. You know, where you listen to the first 20 seconds of the first three songs. You can usually tell if you‘re gonna dig it by doing that. Soul Q is real original sounding. You can‘t put your finger on it. They are kind of everywhere. You can hear King Crimson, Steve Vai, Wall of Voodoo, The Kinks, Frank Zappa, XTC, Living Colour. The songs are well crafted, well thought out. Mike‘s a good songwriter. He‘s a tasty guitarist as well. He‘s very experimental. ”

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