Michael on Fire / Press

"Michael on Fire has a sound and style that epitomizes all that is so good about the Americana genre … This is honest, rootsy music by a veteran artist who makes music on his own terms regardless of current fads and fancies—we celebrate artists like that, especially when the music is of such a uniformly high quality."

Maverick Magazine (UK)

“The prolific Michael On Fire has a new EP of rousing anthems called “Cadillac Ranch.” MOF is a master of the sing-along, stomp-along slice of social commentary. This is a four song EP from a man who is never gonna have a day job. Good - because he excels at his night job. MoF is as good as Paul Thorn, Todd Snider and any of those other singer/songwriters with more money, but less hair. The title tune will make you a fan if you’re not already.”

Bill Locey - Ventura County Star

“Michael On Fire is the progenitor of a love fest, or maybe a happy reunion looking for a place to happen. He is a storyteller, charmer and entertainer who lights a room, fills it with image and music and delivers lyrics that get inside your heart and head. He's a ... writer who conveys power and history in his message. ...Michael is one of the most intelligent lyricists working , but he also delivers a poetic history. His Apache Wind is a case in point. To write as intuitively and sensitively as he writes, you need to bleed your soul. You don't sing of "meeting angels I've abused" without uncorking a deep musical spirit... Playing with a band he marshal power that surrounds you. As an acoustic artist accompanied by only a drum he is like a sculptor who shapes meaning with an elegance of economy.... Over the decades I've seen big big acts, major stars, impressive tours, but there is something about Michael On Fire that connects like no other. He is singularly peerless...”

Tom Cochrun - Light Breezes

““Michael on Fire is so good you’ll be searching for new adjectives to describe it. He’ll make you laugh, cry, see God and tap your feet – all at once" ”

Bill Locey - LA Times

"The music is unmistakably passionate, wedding Michael's penchant for dust 'n' bones guitar arrangements with his classically-trained musical sensibilities. The result is a sound that is primal, raw and powerful. When I caught his live show last Sunday, his words seemed like gospel. He is an electrifying performer."

The (East Lansing) State News