Michael Mazochi / Press

“Album of the Year (Folk) Songwriter of the year (Folk)”

LA Music Awards

““Mr. Mazochi's razor sharp understanding of homespun music, lyrics, and superior production is profoundly brilliant. His songs separate each other, distinctively, with an acute awareness of his listeners. A beautifully embroidered tapestry collection of songs that involve loops, bells, fields, and heart-stompin' rhythms. California Bound is an exquisitely sculpted creation by an artist who "gets it." Who got it. Especially this time, 'round the mountain's bend.””

BB Gun Magazine

““…Thicker in emotion and with a more pronounced sense of place… but in the same way that David Bowie both "really was" and "really wasn't" an alien, perhaps we can see Mazochi the musical persona as an introspective projection, a way of resolving these tensions by, quite simply, creating.””

The California Aggie

““Nick Horby concludes Chapter 16 of Songbook like this. He says, “The next Lennon and McCartney are probably already with us; it’s just that they won’t turn out to be bigger than Jesus. They’ll merely be turning out songs as good as ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Hey Jude,’ and I can live with that.” It’s my belief that I’m sitting on a stool next to a songwriter this uniquely gifted.” “One thing I’ve learned about Michael Mazochi, he doesn’t like a square box. He doesn’t fit into one, has no use for one and would probably be embarrassed if you handed him one.” ”

Lisa Rae Cunningham - TheRhumpus.net

““He's got a voice that evokes both Gram Parsons and Springsteen's Nebraska, singing melancholic dirges and third-person narratives about the run-of-the-mill and the down-on-their-luck… The beaches and persistent sunshine have a way of corrupting the troubadour heart, but San Diego feels ripe for his brand of heart-worn stories.””

Seth Combs - San Diego City Beat.

““Volume 1: Until My Teeth Turn Into Sand ... is a masterpiece album that needs to be taken notice of and one of the best I have heard in the last few years. Michael Mazochi, is said to be working on composing a rock opera next, an artist to definitely watch and listen for, playing live or in the studio.””

David Leikam - The Arts Noticed Website.

““The heart, emotion, and feel-good cadence that make up this masterpiece are, truly, a breath of fresh air.””


"indie folk hero of the decade."

Coffeehouse tour website

““His brand of alt-country has recently earned him nominations from the L.A. Music Awards for folk album of the year ("California Bound") and male folk singer/songwriter of the year. His tales of small-town America are told in a mix of bluesy ramblers and heartfelt ballads, and he's already self-released two albums, including the previously mentioned "California Bound." Sample them at myspace.com/thewidowsmusic and hear an artist who likely won't be playing empty rooms for long.””

Billboard Magazine