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“Mike is still in the studio recording like crazy....Glenn Danzig gave him his blessings when asked to re-record the song "Twist Of Cain" Stay Tuned for more updates coming soon”


"People have been asking me like crazy when my solo album will be finished & released, but my answer has somewhat changed recently. I want to release it on CD's but am thinking selling the songs as singles and take the best off of the 3 albums sitting there to be pressed and then making a best of compilation cd disk or record, maybe both, but it all comes down to am I able to recoupe funds or just play it safe in today's market. I'll make sure that you won't be disappointed in anything upcoming, I promise you that." - Michael K Smith 03/2017

Michael K Smith

“Mike grew up in Winnipeg & knowing what his calling was going to be at a very young age.......”

" The Madman of Rock "


“Mike has played (opened) for such artists as Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Danko Jones, Tricky Woo among others.”


“Michael is now a free agent and looking for some musicians to do something out side of the box...”

M.K.S. - mks

“An extra special Thank You to the "Madman of Rock" Michael K. Smith... he just lent his Bass talents to my forth comming cd "Tapestry of Souls"... Thanks dude you rawk!!!”

“Mike will be on 2 more songs on Chris Bickley's "Tapestry of Souls" cd with Mike Vescera - vocals (Loudness "Soldier of Fortune",Yngwie Malmsteen "Live in Budokan 1994") & another song w/Bobby "T" Torello - drums (Johnny Winter, Grace Slick, Black Oak Arkansas, and Micheal Bolton)........... Jimmy Kunes - vocals (Cactus, Savoy Brown, Silent Partner (ex- RIOT members), Exciter (Canada)”


“Chemical Love (sample) off of Chris Bickley's "Tapestry Of Souls" added to media player... CD is expected to be released 2012. Keep up to date with Chris Bickley.. www.ChrisBickley.net”

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“Chris Bickley 's "Tapestry of Souls" album was just sent in for Mastering Stay tuned for more details & updates”


“Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, guitarist Chris Bickley will release his first solo album, "Tapestry Of Souls", on May 1 via Shredguy Records. The CD was produced by Vic Steffens and mastered by 10-time Emmy Award winner and two-time Grammy Award nominee Jim Chapdelaine. article on Blabbermouth.net”

"Tapestry of Souls" cd NOW AVAILABLE!!! released May 1st, 2012 You can get the album from: www.Itunes.com www.amazon.com www.chrisbickley.net http://www.shredguyrecords.bigcartel.com

“Jimmy Kunes is the first to take the microphone on the song “This Time It’s Gonna Hurt,” a ‘70s-inspired blues-rock tune. The vocals are gritty and edgy, with plenty of melodic overtones guiding the song, which is complete with audible bass fills and catchy vocal hook during the choruses.”

John Kindred - HardRockHaven.net

““Chemical Love” finds the listener halfway through Tapestry of Souls and keeps the throttle open wide for another energizing instrumental song with a blazing solo and melodic passages.”

John Kindred - HardRockHaven.net

““A Step Behind” re-acquaints us with Mike Vescera. He sings over a heavy, rhythmic pulse that builds into a layered vocal chorus. As this song is the last vocal-led track on the CD, it is a fitting end to this side of Bickley’s songwriting skills.”

John Kindred - HardRockHaven.net

“This Time It's Gonna Hurt. The singer is Jimmy Kunes of Cactus. The track is simply the most appealing hard rock song in the album, the vocal is so mouthwatering that I feel they really should do more track on this chemistry.”

“It was an Honor to have been asked by Chris Bickley to be a part of this incredible album of his... Buy Chris Bickley's "Tapestry of Souls" You won't be disappointed! Amazing musicianship all around on this album. Wicked music! You can get the album from: http://www.Itunes.com http://www.amazon.com http://www.cdbaby.com http://www.chrisbickley.net http://www.shredguyrecords.bigcartel.com ALSO AVAILABLE IN JAPAN http://diskunion.net/portal/ct/detail/HMHR120507-21”


“TUNE IN. TOMORROW EVENING December 3rd @ 8:00 pm EST.....http://www.GEAR GUYS RADIO.com ...DONT MISS IT .... Guitarist SHREDDER PINSTRIPE who will be playing on my upcoming album ( the M.K.S Project) will be debuting his new band REVOLUTION ROAD's new single EFFECT ... Also featured on the show THE SHRED DEMON DAVID SHANKLE ....Shredder & David will be talking about their signature guitars and endorsements together ......Don't miss it ...tune in”

“USR: How is your solo career progressing? SP: 2014 is going to be a great year, not only touring and playing with my 80s metal band Ratnip, I also have started a new project called Revolution Road…a mix of alternative metal, and you might even hear a little bit of blues thrown in, with the help of my producer and good friend Paul Eckert from Sweetwater sounds. There will be a cd out this summer. I'm continuing to work with Michal Monroe and prog metal band poets Reign, we will be on the Prog Power 2014 cd. If you like prog (progressive rock)you should check us out this year. Also coming out in 2014 will be my solo album The Other Side of Me, one side of the cd will be neo classical works, and the other side will straight up shred guitar, also coming out is The Awakening (correction - My Awakening) by Michael Smith, who I am doing a guest solo for, not to forget my appearances at Namm for my endorsements…can't wait to see all my old friends and make some new ones.”