Michael Joseph Ulery / Press

“In his sleeve notes, Michael Joseph Ulery informs that this recording "is an effort of combined and varied musical influences" and that this album is "music for the sake of music". What the artist does not state however is how tranquil and absorbing his music is. I defy anyone to feel stressed while listening to this tender, yet simple album. Heavily influenced by his roots, Ulery has created a charming work that flows serenely with gently strummed chords and authentic native flute playing. The term itself O-Glepi is the Lakota word for "shadows" and serves to further reinforce the organic and earthy feel of this album. The album benefits from what can best be described as a naked honesty and humility. For a genuine and satisfying taste of what a campfire on the Plains underneath a clear, starfilled sky must feel like, try O-Glepi- you won't be disappointed. ”

Steve Harvey, Editor - Acoustic Magazine, UK

"I love where the last decade has taken Michael. While this new collection retains the spiritual vibe of his previous work—and while it remains authentically world music,”like in nature, it's evolved to cross so many other genre boundaries that anyone can pull something valuable from this CD. Ten Minutes Over the Wheel is a montage of moods, introspection’s, and, from my vantage point, even resolutions. These songs--these spiritual vignettes--helped me release and heal the grief associated with losing a loved one. Powerful, meaningful stuff! Ten Minutes Over the Wheel is like O-Glepi on steroids."

Nelson Pahl - Award Winning Author of “Bee Balms and Burgundy”

"With Ten Minutes Over the Wheel, Michael Joseph weaves acoustic guitars with native flutes in a way that results in a beautiful journey to the listener. His heart and spirit shine through the artistry in this recording. I very much enjoyed all of the tracks and recommend the CD to anyone who is a fan of acoustic music"