Michael Hornbuckle / Press

“Michael Hornbuckle has a legacy in the blues world, but he does not rest on those laurels on his latest release, Soul Repo. From the first notes of “Candle for Mary,” Hornbuckle redefines the blues with this amazing collection of songs. Of all the artists we have recently reviewed, this is the one we would love to see perform live. His guitar licks are what memories are made of, and his sweet voice brings the songs home.”

"Playing a blistering guitar, Michael Hornbuckle rocked the club with his powerful blues sound. In the tradition of his father and other hard-edged blues guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael had the crowd mesmerized with his dynamic guitar and bluesy voice." - Edward Simon, LA Beat

"Not since ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn has there been a band that could wind a mean bar room boogie and bring the blues home like the Hornbuckle Brothers. Michael & Brian Hornbuckle take their inherited skill and bring serious fire to the front house in Virtue & Vice, their latest, and what will probably be recognized as one of the best new independently produced albums of the year."

“The songs themselves are nothing short of excellent. One of the best things about this album is that every song is its own experience, meaning the record will stay fresh with many repeated listens. This is a pair of musicians that is the absolute best at what they do, and after just a few listens, you will be hoping to yourself that it is not another 12-year wait until they bless us with another release!”