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"The new CD from Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt, Crooked Fiddle deserves your attention. Aaron was born not in New Jersey, not far from the studios of WFDU-FM. He now lives in Pennsylvania where he is creating moving songs about everyday live but with great wit, insight and a marvelous sense of humor. Michael G. Ronstadt is virtuoso cellist, guitarist and composer who performs with his father and brother in the band Rontstadt Generations. Michael has also performed on stage and in the studio with artists including David Bromberg, Craig Bickhardt as well as Michael’s aunt, Linda Ronstadt. Michael and Aaron have teamed up to create a powerful work of art that I guarantee will move you."

Ron Olesko - WFDU-FM Radio Host

““Michael... Thanks for the great contributions you've made to my project! I'm really digging your new CD! You sing and write great! (Dang, son... Kind of unsettling when I find this in a "musician"!)  Good luck with it as folks get a chance to hear it!! Look forward to working with you again down the road!””

John Flynn - ~Email after a recording session & listening to "Foolish Fox" (2015)

"Michael’s a master's level cellist and he also plays the guitar really well. He can play anything really with strings that you pick up, and is really well versed in various rhythm cultures, like Caribbean rhythm culture and here, too, and Mexican." Michael, she said, soaked up the "eclectic mania" that marks the family's music of their native Arizona."

"Foolish Fox is the latest from the imaginative mind (and fingers) of Michael G. Ronstadt. With no genre boundaries, the CD projects a sentimental, jazzy emotion, with spirited lifts spicing up the mix. From complex originals and co-compositions to splendid renditions from the pens of others, the fourteen cuts are filled with twists and turns, the trademark of Ronstadt’s writing and playing. Kudos to tasteful vocal and instrumental accompanists as well as to the tech crew for outstanding production.”

Stephanie Ledgin 2015, Author of Discovering Folk Music - Quote from Independent Authors

“Michael G. Ronstadt Releases Solo CD By Paul Cashmere 36 minutes ago (Tue, 01 Feb 2011 16:24:13 +1100) Michael G. Ronstadt has released his third solo album ‘Bridging The Gap’. Michael is one of the legendary Ronstadt family musicians from Tucson, Arizona. He plays cello. The family group Ronstadt Generations dates back five generations and includes its best known name, Michael’s aunt Linda Ronstadt. Michael G. is the son of Michael J., Linda’s brother. Michael J. has kept the family tradition alive in Ronstadt Generations with Micheal G, his other son Petie and “adopted son” Josh Hisle. Michael G. and Josh Hisle also perform as Lost In Holland. Hisle is the American war hero who was featured in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ‘Déjà vu’ movie. ‘Bridging the Gap’ was produced by Michael G. Ronstadt and Rick Denzien and recorded in Ambler, PA. The album is available from michaelronstadt.com ”

“Michael Ronstadt on the cello at Valatie Community Theatre By Andrew Amelinckx ( HYPERLINK "http://www.registerstar.com/articles/2008/09/08/news/news02.txt" http://www.registerstar.com/articles/2008/09/08/news/news02.txt accessed 9/8/08) Hudson-Catskill newspapers VALATIE - A cellist from Philadelphia performed at the Valatie Community Theatre Sunday, mixing classical and contemporary works for a small but appreciative crowd. Michael Ronstadt, 24, played pieces by composers as varied as Johann Sebastian Bach, Consuelo Vel‡zquez - a Mexican songwriter of 1940s popular music and Liz Malys - a Valatie native now living in Alaska. He performed an original piece of his own as well. Ronstadt said he liked to "break down the barriers" between classical and other types of music. "Good music is good music," he said. The concert began with Bach's Suite Number One for Unaccompanied Cello.”

““Our music differs from Linda’s in that we bring a whole new set of influences to the table. Having Michael G. and Petie as fifth-generation Ronstadts brings a fresh approach to the way we shape and embellish the arrangements.” Regarding the famous Ronstadt name, he said, “It can obviously open doors. I'm incredibly proud of all of the work my sister's done. She’s very supportive and helpful, but she’s never said, ‘Let me make this happen for you.’” Ronstadt Generations band members have toured the world with artists including Los Lobos, Mariachi Cobre, the Gatlin Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, the Dixie Hummingbirds, Neil Young, Walt Michael, Norah Jones, the Santa Cruz River Band and Guy Davis, among others. This is the second East Coast tour for Ronstadt Generations, which started touring across the country in June 2010, and “had a very warm reception,” Ronstadt said.”

““Every family gathering there’d be tons of guitars,” adds Michael G. Ronstadt. “Bill Ronstadt would have his bass oftentimes, my uncle Peter would have a guitar. My cousin Kiko (Jácome) always played music. If he didn’t have an instrument he sang. I guess I was the only cellist the family ever had.” And it’s always been that way. “There’s a picture that we have in an old family album that a photographer friend of my family took when I was in diapers and I was playing my father’s old Martin guitar,” Michael J. Ronstadt recalls. “I think it was pretty well set at that point. It’s just always been something that’s been around.””

“LOST IN HOLLAND INTERVIEW: SXSW 2010 Posted on Mar 11th 2010 9:25AM by Steven Horowitz Lost in Holland is a duo of acoustic musicians -- Josh Hisle on guitar and Michael G. Ronstadt on cello -- who play powerful indie alternative folk rock. Many of the group's songs were inspired by Hisle's two tours of duty in Iraq as a squad leader in the Marine Corps. The two men, who are set to appear at this year's SXSW, graciously agreed to answer a list of questions from Spinner.”

“Michael G. Ronstadt: Cotton Dreams Parts 1 and 2 ... As these two very different discs attest, Ronstadt has learned his prime instrument (he also plays guitar) very well. Disc two is a collection of contemporary classical works, most of them written by Ronstadt, that show him to be a performer with an amazing command of the typical and exotic sounds of the cello, a true virtuoso and a man of instinctive musicality. As a composer Ronstadt is well qualified, creating moody soundscapes that reference a broad range of global and contemporary currents while generating something distinctively his own. Disc one finds him with his group, the Gypsum Ensemble – a cello- and bass-dominated (plus flute) kind of experimental pop band that pulls in an equally broad slice of the musical spectrum. Neither is easy listening music, but both discs are worth the journey, taking the listener on unexpected, worthwhile musical journeys. Find it at amazon.com.”

“A Ronstadt is mastering the cello. Article from: AZ Daily Star (Tucson, AZ) Article date: July 27, 2006 More results for: Michael G. Ronstadt Cello July Tucson AZ | Copyright information Byline: Cathalena E. Burch Jul. 27--Michael G. Ronstadt is carrying on the family business, but his path will veer somewhat from his famous country-singing aunt (Linda) and troubadour father (Michael J.). The latest member of Tucson's musical dynasty is taking a left turn at Pop Avenue and heading east to Classical Corner, with a couple detours along the route. Ronstadt, a recent University of Arizona music school grad, leaves next month for Ohio's University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, where he will pursue a master's degree in cello performance. On Saturday, he and his Rillito Duo partner, pianist Aryo Wicaksono, will play what could be one ... (more online)”