Michael Fernando / Press

“Regardless of what he's got going on, though, Fernando tries to keep some perspective and a level head. When asked what advice he would give to other budding musicians, he immediately says, "I need advice, I can't give it." Then, after a long contemplative pause; "I guess I would say, ‘Be dedicated. Don't get to the point where you're not enjoying what you're doing anymore. Keep working, stay with it and don't give up on your dream.'"”

“Fernando delivers a fun show with original music, meaningful lyrics and great energy.”

“Take equal parts Train, O.A.R. and Carbon Leaf; shake vigorously. Add a heavy splash of originality, a quick dash of 311 and garnish with a touch of Kenny Chesney. You've got yourself a Fernando. With lyrics that actually mean something and music that runs the gambit from reggae funk to rock to melancholy folk, Michael Fernando's debut album "Doublespeak" is sure to please.”

“The Make-A-Wish Foundations held its second annual gala, "One Magical Evening Gala," September 12 at the Johnson City Country Club . . . . Michael Fernando, center, with the fashion show models, entertained at the event.”

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