Michael David Sherwood / Press

"The Benediction of Light" is a triumph! Celestial high-register melodies and deep, underscoring bass coalesce in a blend of luminous sound. The piano seems to glow; its notes are as much drops of peaceful rain, as blazing meteorites in a breathtaking nocturnal display!

“Hi Michael! What expression your new tune Paddington in Transition has. Creates a sense of wonder and is very enchanting. Also enjoying Robots Do Battle. Your music definitely paints a visual portrait on the mind's eye. Wonderful music here to experience!”

“You are a marvellous artist Michael, the landscapes in your head are so great my friend! I love these "paysages" painted in notes.. sounds you produce. Keep great!”

“Your songs combine a wonderful musical complexity with an expansive sense of atmospheric profundity. Your years of musical experience are everywhere apparent in your compositions.”

“I have to say that your name and your music has been unknown to me. When I visit your profile and listened, I noticed that you are a real professional and your music includes great athmospheres and sounds.”

“Thank You to all my Friends! You make all of this worthwhile for me!”