Michael Christopher / Press

“With the summer season entering its final weeks, everyone is trying to hang on to those final few moments of sunshine, parties, and beaches. What better way to enjoy the hot days of August than with a summer anthem? Michael Christopher, born and raised in western Pennsylvania, as always loved the summer and the beach. Looking up to artists like Zac Brown and Kenny Chesney, he shares their passion for the outdoors and the ocean, and expresses that through his music. His brand new song, “My Kinda Summer,” is a fresh tune about what we all love about the warm weather and time spent on the water.”

“Up-and-coming country music crooner Michael Christopher spoke with Music City Encore recently during what has turned into quite a busy summer for the Pennsylvania native. Michael talks about what he has learned on the road and in the studio from some of the bigger stars in the industry, where he sees country music as it stands today, and what fans can expect from one of his live shows. He shares his motivations for his songwriting, self-analyzes his own music, and also tells us how he first became involved in country music.”

“Full-length from the local pop-country singer. Christopher subscribes to many of the ideals of contemporary country music — wanderlust, women, work ethic — without falling into the trashy mode that much of the genre has taken a turn toward in recent years. A rocker here, a ballad there, well recorded with good vocals; the only thing that could be tightened up is the verbiage, which gets a little awkward sometimes, losing the effortless cool that characterizes much of the record. (I could do without the Buffettesque "Song About the Beach," too, but we can chalk that up to personal preference.) Good stuff from a young artist who's working hard and could become a big name.”

“The last thing Michael Christopher expected to be when he graduated from college was a rising country music star. The Blairsville native, who was born Michael Christopher Palguta, graduated from Blairsville High School in 2000 and then majored in communications media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He made some friends who were into country music and that changed everything. “I didn't have any background in music,” Christopher said. “I didn't play any instruments or sing. I never even liked country music until college. It was all sort of an accident.” That “accident” has resulted in Christopher fronting his own band, opening for some of country music's biggest stars, having bookings of his own all over the country, cutting a CD in Nashville of songs he wrote and getting national airplay on the radio...”

“With so many high voiced heartthrobs taking over the airwaves at country radio, Michael Christopher’s soft baritone is refreshing. His debut digital effort is full of songs that bring you back to the country music of the 90s. Michael’s style is Tracy Byrd meets Sawyer Brown. Michael plays it safe lyrically in some tracks utilizing some themes that have worked on country radio in the past. “Song About The Beach” is about a poor working man who can’t afford to take a vacation, so he writes a song about the beach instead. Sun is up (Tailgate’s Down) is your typical country music “I want to go drinkin’ with a woman” tune. Though simplistic at times, Michael has a keen ear for the ever important song hook, which needs to be memorable, and be able to stick with the listener beyond the first listen. In “You and the Open Road,” a song about taking a drive across country with his girl, the man in the song says “hey, hey, hey, hey, you and the open road.”...”

“Though he grew up in rural Pennsylvania, it wasn't until he was at college that Michael Christopher first got interested in country music. He was attracted by the story lyrics that dominated the music, and he has used that as the basis for his own music. Five years ago he put together a band and has performed all over, often opening for big-name country acts like Jamey Johnson, Phil Vassar and Josh Thompson. He's made regular trips to Nashville for songwriting and has now produced this debut album full of his own songs, often co-written with Music Row writers like Karen Staley, Sarah Majors and Jon Conley. This is an exceptional collection of modern country music by an independent artist that comes highly recommended. The jaunty "Cowboy's Heart," with its sawing fiddle and pedal steel, epitomizes just what Michael Christopher is about.”