Michael Charles / Press

“Bluesman Michael Charles takes Edmonton audience down memory lane”

“Michael Charles first picked up the guitar at the age of five... WGVU's Scott Vander Werf asked Charles how that happened...”

“Australian blues artist Michael Charles is coming to Three Rivers! Charles will be performing at the Riviera Theatre in downtown Three Rivers this coming Friday (May 18th), beginning at 9 p.m.”

"Everybody who plays guitar long enough eventually gets influenced by the blues," Charles says by telephone from his home in the Chicago ...

“Michael Charles, accomplished blues and roots legend, will be playing two exclusive shows in Australia this April. Born in Australia with a soul full of blues, Charles did not ‘choose’ music; music chose Michael so, by age twelve he took to the stage and to the road. Learning from the masters and heavily influenced by blues greats such as Buddy Guy, the foundation was laid solid for building his own sound of blues and blues rock. With Michael’s raw, yet controlled guitar performances, his instrument is always kept forefront and the focal point of his shows as he gives out every ounce of energy deserved. Michael will be playing the following dates: Saturday 16th April at The Central Club Hotel, 293 Swan Street, Richmond VIC Thursday 21st April at The National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT.”

“Michael Charles Returns Home to Perform The Central Club Hotel Richmond, Victoria Australia. Michael Charles, guitarist extraordinaire, is a Six Time Grammy Elected Artist with a discography of 25 releases. Originally brought from Australia to the USA by Buddy Guy, MC tours USA, Canada, and Australia extensively.”

“Through 4G, Ipods, Iphones, Blackberry’s, Skype, etcetera,the world is truly connected in 2011. Likewise, Michael Charles Connected 2011 tour connects you with the blues rock guitarist who is on fire as he travels, once again, the roads of USA, Canada, and Australia. The tour promotes one of Charles’ latest CD’s entitled, you guessed it, “Connected “. Also featured during the tour, and connecting past with present, is the latest release from the Dex Audio remasters collection, Charles’ “My Shadow“. The tour also connects the dots of new venues for 2011 with encores in venues from 2009 & 2010, connecting the world through performances in USA, Canada, and Australia.”

"The weeks came by, the months went by and the years went by -- and I'm still here," says Charles, who performs Thursday and Friday night at The Blues Can in Inglewood.

"...You will get into I’m Nobody’s Fool, that is a given. Charles is sincere and real, and it is clearly evident that his guitar riffs and his words come from his heart, and aren’t pre-processed or over-produced in any way. Charles is real and so is his music. It’s that simple..."

"...Michael Charles' music is guitar driven rock ‘n' roll, laced with a mixture of electrifying blues, adorned with rhythmic ballads embracing words that go right to the soul..."