Michael Brunnock / Press

“Michael Brunnock's voice simply soars. His performances and song writing absolutely wowed our audiences in Boston. I am keenly awaiting more from this intriguing artist.”

“…with a masterful skill, Brunnock takes the idea of a singer/songwriter to another level”

“Quite Stunning”

— Eamonn Carr - Evening Herald and FM 104

“Heir to the throne of the best in Irish Music”

— Pat Brennan - Hot Press

“This album is absolutely a refuge from the madness that seems to rule these days. It’s like comfort food for the spirit.”

“There are very few albums from which you’ll love every single song but this is one of them.”

“Brunnock’s velveteen vocals whisper in the ear with the softness of down and the very soul of the Emerald Isle.”

“. . .A truthful and a heart-filled soul.You know he means it when he sings.”

Suzanne Connolly - The Irish Emigrant

“The Orchard is an album of great depth, strong big themes, amazing vocals and most importantly it is a collection of wonderfully crafted songs.”

“I am so envious of people who can write like that”

“[He has] an absolutely gorgeous quality to [his] voice. It's beautiful. It's really soft and gentle but it rips your heart apart. I have to say it's gorgeous.”

“Enchanting and serene, Michael Brunnock’s The Orchard is a rich harvest of lush lyrics and moving melodies”

". . .Brunnock's beautiful clear crispness and clipped tones match exquisitely and expertly arranged melodies, driven home with truthful and a heart-filled soul. You know he means it when he sings."

“Here's what you will get when you buy 'Live in New York'; 12 perfectly crafted rock songs performed by a great band in front of an appreciated audience of The Living Room in NYC.”

"Brunnock is not out to please anyone with his offering - it is clearly a labour of love."

“The quality of the songs really stand up on the album because there are no gimmicks on the album. It sounds as though not a note or sound was withdrawn, replaced or added in for effect.”