Divine / Press

"What a talent! This artist utilizes his passion towards life in such a strong way. Very moving lyrics...."

Melissa Jamison - Facebook.com

"Smokin' the old days laced with no tomorrows.." Wow, what a brilliant collage of sounds and melodies you've done with "shot of reality"..and the rhyming is relentless, articulate and loaded with rich imagery. A fantastic piece of work bro!

MikeWhitePresents ~ London, UK - ReverbNation

“Great words, great mixes, great sound. Please to be a fan. Peace”

Faffi GP Inverness,UK - ReverbNation

“Yo, everybody, Yes EveryBody...Check out my G-Boro homeboy Divine. This joint is HOT!! Real Underground HipHop Soul laced with lyrical truth. Like it, Share it, Spread the word! ”

Tony Picasso - Facebook.com

" One of the illest unsigned artist in this city. I say artist and not just rapper because every verse can easily be a sick spoken word poem. An artist that prays you do stop the beat so you can feel the impact of every word...lyrics...DIVINE POWER."

Oo Shabazz - Facebook.com