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“Although he’s now cut three albums under his own name, Michael Bram is far better known in the pop world as the drummer and musical director for Grammy winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, or possibly for his touring/recording credits with the likes of Willie Nelson, Bob Margolin, Debbie Davies, Joss Stone, Gina Sicilia, Steve Riley, et al. That’s all going to change pretty soon, because the third of those three solo albums, the new Suitcase In the Hall, is a tape-measure home run of soulful singing, inspired playing, terrific songs and great vibes from first to last. ”

“Somewhere between a smoke-filled bar in Memphis and a hoppin’, blues joint in New Orleans lies the sound of Michael Bram and The Alternators on their self-titled CD. Funny, given that Bram is a New Yorker, born and raised. This singer/harmonica player would be at home in any blues club in the south with his gritty but clever takes on life. Along with Bram, The Alternators - Chris Vitarello (guitar, background vocals), Brendan O’Grady (bass, piano, background vocals), and Ron Nihoff (drums) - recorded all the tracks live in studio, which gives the project a more authentic club feel. Whether it’s the muted instruments on “Watch Out!” the wailing harmonica on “Blackjack Blues,” or the working man’s lament of “I Gotta Get a New Job,” Bram will have you feeling the Delta groove. Even if you’re in New York.”

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“Somewhere between the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch movie and Ernest Tubb-era Grand Ole Opry lies the music of Michael Bram. Bram, currently drum- mer for singer/songwriter Jason Mraz’s band, steps out in front for a spacey roots jam tinged with everything from beer- stained country to trance blues. Bram’s songwriting is fleshed out with stimulating anecdotes, honest candor and a creative flair that’s familiar and fortuitous. Bram observes in the liner notes that these songs are “some true to life expres- sions of my own,” and the covers, “although not mine, say exactly what I want to say.” The breadth of his roots-rattling style says that with this record Bram has said his piece. MARK URICHECK”

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"A consumate studio and stage musician, Michael Bram's credits, professional experiences and tastes are eclectic.... to say the least. He has worked with a plethora of exceptional artists, from Jason Mraz, Jonah Smith and Willie Nelson to Watermelon Slim, Bob Margolin and Gina Sicilia and though he is best known as a world class drummer-for-hire, with three solo albums under his blet, he has also proven that as a vocalist, songwriter, and harmonica player he is a musical force to be reckoned with. Suitcase in the Hall marks Bram's debut with the VIZZTONE label and his first album co-produced by blues guitar phenom Dave Gross. With Gross' assistance the drummer-turned-bluesman has managed to capture a vibe that, like recent T-Bone Burnett productions, beautifully straddles the line between farm freash and dust covered classic." see the entire review at www.ameriblues.com

“New York's Michael Bram and the Alternators revisit 1950's Chicago on their self titled release. Bram blows a fluttering harmonica break over the strong shuffle of "Altered States Blues" before turning solo space over to guitarist Chris Vitarello, whose note choice and phrasing bear the retro stamp of approval. "Leroy's Back In Town" continues with solid, jazzy jump before the band dips low for the slow, greasy Eddie Taylor-styled "BlackJack Blues." Bram's harp sound is tremendous on "Too Much Whiskey," a Muddy Waters- inspired slow blues; the band's groove is unstoppable on the humorous "Scared of the Man in Blue" ; and "Weed Smokin' ,Tequila Drinkin'" recalls the Hollywood Fats Band's fast shuffles, right down to the reverb-drenched guitar tone. The closer, "Gotta Get a New Job," reframes "Honest I Do" to good effect. This is a thoroughly enjoyable recording from a very good band. ”

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