Michael A. Ruelas "Melodic Shred Guitarist" Composer / Press


“2KASA Fox Local Virtuoso Interview and live Performance”

“'Furious Play Review' Michael A. Ruelas”

“Guitar Nine - Interview with Michael A. Ruelas”

“Only Michael Ruelas could put together such a melodic shred album in this day and age. ... Listen for yourself and tell Petrucci, Vai, Gilbert, Malmsteen and Satriani that you have a new top 5. Is it possible that Michael took over for Jason Becker?”

John W. -Amazon

“Heavy melody? Fierce melody? Whatever you call it, Michael attacks his melodic ideas with utter abandon, yet there is a touch of a caress to everything he does. His acoustic work is warm, and reverberates like early Jorma. Fierce beauty?”

John Stix, Guitar Magazine (FTPM)

“Great guitar album. Melodic with shred, Furious Play fits.”

Rob Johnson, 7 String Guitar Monster