Mi-Careme / Press

“This band dominates on day one. You can check them out at facebook.com/micarememusic”

“Dark, aggressive, female fronted alternative rock that flirts with Kathleen Hannah at its angriest and gives the ambiance of a David Lynch movie, that is my paltry attempt to summarize Mi-Careme.”

“[Mi-Careme] ruled the stage like they lived there forever.”

“This first track features 5 guest vocalists from bands like Marj, Thomas Medicine, Mi-Careme, and Gay Vibes.”

“Darkly melodic. Visually arresting.”

“Nee's powerful vocals and Rische's electric mandolin soar atop Haas's guitar and Theriault's bass in a musical landscape at once rich, nuanced, and memorable.”

“[Mi-Careme] poured themselves into producing their own material and arrangements, and the result, at the place where sound and image combine with grace and power, is hauntingly beautiful.”