Micah Brown / Press

“Micah Brown is an avid player in putting Orange County on the map as an acclaimed music haven. He is a singer-songwriter who never disappoints with his unique approach to folk and blues.”

“Micah Brown’s songwriting ability and complexity could serve as a role model for a much broader scene. He takes a multifaceted viewpoint into not only writing but in terms of creating melodies. 'The Isle of Her' splinters the barriers between genres as Micah Brown artistically molded a diverse yet enthralling piece of work.”

“Guitarist and singer Micah Brown does have a bit of Jack Johnson's surfer-friendly, laid-back, roots-y style, but he can also fire off a wildly intimidating blast of dexterous finger-picking that could fit right in at a Stoneman family bluegrass picnic.”

“For years, music was his 'just for fun' project. . .now it's a full-time job that has garnered him numerous local accolades.”

“Securing last year’s Best Live Acoustic performer at the Orange County Music Awards was acknowledgement of Brown’s technique and charisma both, and his Down Like Hail EP (released around the same time) presents Brown’s musical winningness in depth and detail.”

“Although Brown has a modern, almost-folksy vocal styling, he balances out the well-pitched cool of his voice with scorching-hot guitar riffs reminiscent of Delta Blues greats Robert Johnson or John Lee Hooker.”

“The whales migrating off the shores of Capistrano Beach had no idea what hit them when they heard scorching delta blues guitar riffs being mashed together with moody acoustic folk. The ocean holds many of the world's most beautiful creatures and oddities, but is the blob fish a more intriguing species than the Lightnin' Hopkins-Neil Young-Slightly Stoopid spliced musician known as Micah Brown? For an eclectic music fan, I think not.”

“Thoughtful, diverse, and passionate, Micah woos the world with his woeful wails over a buffet of melodic folk and blues arrangements.”

“Micah Brown evokes the plaintive energy of the blues pre-Rolling Stones; Brown has reinvented the uncompromising brood of the sludgy Delta Blues with his own rhythmic, juke-joint fingerstyle, world-worn lyrics, and even, reggae-infused production.”

“'The Isle of Her' was Micah Brown’s debut full-length album. . .The album reached the Top 20 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts on its Aug 28th release date. The single 'Spend Your Sunlight' is the first song to be featured on National Public Radio, as well as syndicated airplay in over 100 countries. The album features guest appearances by Keyboardist/Producer Ronnie King (Rancid, Offspring, Pepper, 2Pac), Violinist Jennifer Argenti (Willie Nelson, Santa Monica Symphony, Kaplan String Quartet), singer Kat Nestel, vocalist/keyboardist Juan Rios (Common Kings), as well as siblings Essel and Matthew Liufau (Seedless).”

“'The Isle of Her' certainly is descriptive of a passion against loneliness and immersing in life’s better ambiances. Soul-filled lyrics and folksy tweaks help accentuate Micah’s endearment for Americana music.”

“'The Isle of Her'. . .has been praised everywhere. . .he continues to have an impressively strong presence.”

“Brown’s penchant for dark rumination and the gritty swagger of his country-blues guitar are almost buoyantly optimistic. Brown’s dulcet tenor has the ability to connect the collective unconscious through all human emotions–whether they come from a place of deep sorrow or profound joy.”