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“ “Hey, your music is really good, I’m listening to a lot of genres as long it’s good, I wanna write a review for you.” - Erica Morgan… ”

Erica Morgan - Number 1 music

“ “Hi, I like your music and I think it’s unique not like the other mainstream music wish you much success.” ”

Dennis Montero - Number 1 music

“ “Hey!!!! I am a big fan I love your for Dem Nights; just wanted you to know that!” ”

Michelle Salge - Number 1 music

“ “Really love the tunes, I need your music to relieve the stress of everyday life; thank you!” ”

Kim - Number 1 music

““I’m listening to For Dem Nights now and I think you are so hot...respect” ”

Grace fanle - Number 1 music

“Shoutouts to M.H. Berto for puttin together a classic event!!! Peter Beatz for holding niggas down.. Shwagg!!!! Everybody from da hood who came out!!! Both Steels n Burton's set was bonkers!!! My niggas Bud n Dwayne shut shit down!! Quizz I told u u got dis!!! Blue n Yellow bitch!!! We next!!!”

"@Homaside74 ayo dat drama shit u and oowop dats my fuckin shit"

"berto i respect ur grind wit this music shit my nigga on dogs if da whole hood was goin as hard as u right now niggas would be on... keep doin ur thing n all dat my nigga"

“Money hungry clothing line party in a Body bag!!!! we killed dat sh#t wish you all were there to see us....”

“Lookin to collab? hit me back........Grim Cynic”

“J-Lyrix: wow hey i like what ur doing. im gonna become a fan.”

"some of my favorite tracks are 3,4,5 & 6. On track number four he describes his obsession with weed as if it was a woman. in the background, he constantly repeats; 'she got control of my mind & i cant let her go". I love the way Berto put this song together."

“Angels & Demons Mixtape coming soon... December 1st will be available in the MHBerto Store...”

mhberto - Studio 74 Newsletter

““Who Were Your Musical Influences Growing Up & In the Music Game & Now? “Nas, Tupac, Jay-Z, Cormega, Mobb Deep, Kool G. Rap &, KRS-One!” Nowadays, “I follow the boy Jay.” “What Can People Expect from MHBERTO ?” “Quality Music, a different & original sound. I Produce all my own music, so none of my songs sound out of place!” “I’m real busy, as we speak just look out for me period! Big Tings A Gwon!” “Do You have any Tours/Performances Scheduled or Coming Soon?” “Yes, I’m currently scheduled to perform on December 7th, 2011... Looking forward to that!.” “What Other Performances have you done?” Performed at The “Strand Theatre” located in Boston, Massachusetts “How Could I be Down…” show Hosted by 5Star Magazine in 2001, Opened up for Akinelle {who’s hit single was “Put It In Your Mouth”} held at the “Cosmopolitan Night Club” located in Providence, R.I which was Hosted by Chubby Chubb from Hot 97.7 Radio Station. ”

Courtney "Cee Baby" Johnson - MH BERTO PROFILE INTERVIEW: Studio 74 newsletter