Moose Harris / Press

“Indie artists – particularly those from urban genres – are always looking for ways to gain exposure. Don’t ever let anybody tell you it’s easy for them, because it is not. More often than not, venues that provide exposure for indie artists, seem to do what they can to take advantage – but not all of them. I support artists because I am one. That is my humanitarian effort. Enter Anthony Daniels a/k/a Moose Harris. This Louisiana native performs just about every task you can imagine when it comes to helping artists, a list that includes himself. He’s an artist, but also so much more, including entrepreneuer, producer, promoter, and radio host. There just is not much Anthony does not do – and he works hard to help others. That’s the beauty of what he does – you only need to pay a little bit of attention to discover that he is in it to help artists.”

“Former Lafayette resident Anthony Daniels (a.k.a. M. Harris) joins Jason Washington and Kerman Cummings for a journey into The Atlanta Chronicles, a hip-hop compilation that emerged amid the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — and brought together three aspiring artists who found each other in Atlanta after the storm ravaged their homes and recording studios in New Orleans. The album brings a mixture of danceable beats and sagacious rhymes, all part of the trio’s mission to spread a message of “balance.” The quick wit and fast rap will keep listeners on their toes and out of their seats while exploring the 15 tracks that make up Daniels’ second album. “Like Shakespeare and Langston Hughes, I paid my dues.” Available for $9.99 online at http://moooseandspy.bandcamp.com/album/the-atlanta-chronicles. ”

"Check Out The Tiger Of Hip Hop Music/ Mr.Urban Grooves Moose Harris Saturdays 5pm Replay Right Here On NO-LINE Radio!"

“The Atlanta Chronicles gets 4 Stars Overall.... ...the Songs "Still Waiting" and "Maddness" from The Atlanta Chronicles gets 5 Stars!”

“A must buy for lovers of Good Hip-Hop Music! Bumpin' this right now... Shout-out to (M. Harris & S-PYanage) Anthony M. Harris Daniels & Jason Washington for a classic!”

“Anthony Daniels has gained invaluable life experience through every corner of Louisiana, from the northernmost tip in Shreveport to the Crescent City near the mouth of the Mississipp River. ”

“Moose Harris is one of THE NEXT BIG THING!”

“They done messed around in positive ingeniusness at Centenary College in Shreveport and given M. Harris HIS OWN RADIO SHOW!!! It's up to him what gets played, it will be his voice you will hear over the radio (KSCL 91.3fm Shreveport) and internet (http://extra.centenary.edu/kscl/) airwaves Every Wednesday night from 10pm to midnight (Central American Standard Time - that's 11pm on the East Coast, 9pm Mountain, 8pm West Coast, and 4am average time in Europe) called Urban Flosarus. ”

“M. Harris' UNORTHODOX is one of the Top 50 New Orleans Underground Song of 2009!”

"English Department Combines Hip-Hop & Chaucer"