Multi Genre Music Movement (MGM Squared) / Press

“ An excellent multi genre music movement! Great diversity and inspiration in your tracks! Really love the awesome sounds, rhythms and themes! Congratulations!”

LPB Band - Reverbnation

“review of country song 'kissin' cousins' i was a little hesitant to listen to a country song, but i've come away pleased. nice guitar licks i can definately hear that 80's metal influence. Kick a$$ drums. sweet ”

“review of 'spirit hunter' mix of new age and world ..i really enjoyed this! Great production too by the way!”

“review of 'darkwave abyss t.f.i.' This is interesting. A collaboration of very unusual sound fx. The electronix at around 1:36 are awesome . Congrats and good luck in all future endeveurs. ”

“review for song "two minute man" "Haha. I love the concept. The samples really convey it well. I really like the drums around 50 second mark...and "I love a man who reads computer music magazine." Nice idea with the bpm increase at the climax. I love it! " ”