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“MEXICAN AVALANCHE RELEASES RECORD: ROCK N’ ROLL HINEY HOLE “Rock n' Roll Hiney Hole” Mexican Avalanche's 1st Studio Album After months of writing, recording and creative madness, Mexican Avalanche launched Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole, the band’s 1st studio album. The record takes a “mixed tape” approach with no single style or theme and is packed with 12 full-length songs. Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole cuts through the status-quo with raw energy, sick humor and styles ranging from rock to reggae to rap. Mexican Avalanche is Atwell Wells. He is a one-man-band based in York Pa and featured on www.mexicanavalanche.com and www.reverbnation.com . Mexican Avalanche is produced and promoted by Amish Mafia Records. www.mexicanavalanche.com”

“Mexican Avalanche Releases 1st Studio Album Rock n' Roll Hiney Hole March 18th!”


“Mexican Avalanche Launches New Video For “My Piss Is Digital” Check the Mexican Avalanche Videos on the Mexican Avalanche website http://mexicanavalanche.com/videos”