MetroSongs by Jason Mendelson / Press

“I have heard of Jason Mendelson, but this is the first time I have caught him live. He plays an electric 12-string Rickenbacker, which immediately conjures up Roger McGuinn with that signature folk-rock hybrid sound. But the reason I have heard of him is his clever and audacious idea of writing songs to the many Metro stations of DC. This gives him interesting names and locations to riff off into historical issues or timeless emotions. His guitar playing is solid and his singing expressive, a bit ragged but stretching into the crazed territory of Brandon Ables a couple of times. Great ideas executed with enough style to elevate the substance.”

“His first collection, “MetroSongs, Volume One: Mostly Blue,” is an eclectic mix of pop songs that brings to mind The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Elliot Smith and Dave Brubeck, among others.”

“The same love felt in Billy Strayhorn’s ode to the of the rails of New York City in the jazz standard “Take the ‘A’ Train” is still alive and well today a few hundred miles south here in Washington.”

“The wildest fact might be that Mendelson's lived in D.C. less than a year. When hearing about Mendelson's project, I thought of the musician Sufjan Stevens, who initially made many claims about wanting to make an album dedicated to each of the 50 states.”

“The 32-year-old musician, who works by day as a tax analyst at AOL, is writing a song to capture the essence of every station in Washington’s Metrorail system. Eighty-six tunes in all.”

“Interview with Unsuck DC Metro!”