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Metrell Javonn Hurst, known simply as Metrell or Trell, (b. July 26, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, model, and personal trainer. Born in Cleveland, TN and raised in Athens, TN, He has performed in singing competitions such as: American Idol (making it as far as Hollywood), X-factor, and The Voice.

Metrell is the only son of Karen Hurst Nash and was educated at McMinn County High School in Athens, TN. During high school he competed in and won state championships in both track and cross country. Metrell went on to graduate in May 2003, when the McMinn County High School had a banner hung in his honor.

In his early years, Metrell had a passion for music and started singing at age of 5 in the church choir. Continuing to pursue his passion for music, Metrell began singing in school choirs and eventually decided to teach himself how to be a songwriter. After writing his first song, titled "Day It All Changed," at the age of 14, Trell began study other writers such as: Tank, Anthony Hamilton, Ne-Yo, Gordon Chambers, Smokey Robinson, Brian Cox, Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke and many more. Studying such famed writers Trell began to pick up different writing styles and found a whole new love for R&B/Soul music.

Years later Metrell faced hardship and a need for self-realization. Struggling trying to find inner peace, after losing a best friend, he drifted away from music, ran away from his problems, and decided to join the Navy. Being in the Navy, Metrell began to find and understand himself. All his life he had been looking for something, and everywhere he turned someone tried to tell him what it was. He accepted their answers too, though they often contradicted his principles and identity. He was naïve. Metrell was looking for himself and asked everyone except himself questions which he—and only he—could answer. It took him a long time and a painful boomerang of expectations to realize: that he can be nobody but himself.

After leaving the Navy, Metrell was finally ready and comfortable to start working on a project for himself. He slowly began to write for his untitled album. Music went on hold yet again, fear emerged. So Metrell decided to join the cast of a popular web series ADTV where he opened up about his past, his childhood, relationships and more. Building a fan base from his public personality, supporters started inquiring about his music future and unreleased material.

In early 2013, Trell started recording for his Album "WHO I AM". His first single from the album "I Can Do Better", a duet with Damien Crawford (singer/songwriter), was released June 7, 2013. Trell and Damien were inspired by the Broadway song "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better". Trell then followed up with the single 'Who I Am" Sept 2013. Who I Am (Album) is set to be released May 2014.

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