Methuselah's Valise / Press

“Exploring other realms on OurStage, last month’s JetBlue “Live from T5″ competition exhibited a plethora of great acoustic acts. Sticking with the heartbreak theme, another song I’d like to hear covered is “She Don’t Ride” by Methuselah’s Valise. With a band name that translates to an ancient creature’s suitcase (or as the band describes it—old bastards with more baggage than the train they rode in on) it’s no wonder these Brooklyn baby boomers have ample life experience to compose a ballad like “She Don’t Ride.” This song falls under the category of “reluctant acceptance” as far as I’m concerned, as the narrator regrettably admits his faults in the relationship ending, and doesn’t contest the split. Man and his guitar lamenting love, a theme proven timeless for centuries. But while simplicity is always appreciated, I think expanding some chords— and maybe substituting instrumentation—could really drag this song out of the old and into the new.”