Methadone Actors / Press

“The name is fitting: These guys will make you crave narcotics the same way Ol’ Blue Eyes can make a person crave martinis. They work that noodly, Velvets-y vein, adding enough instrumental and lyrical touches to keep things from devolving into a soporific mush—they’re too funny and smart for that. And just to make sure you’re paying attention, the final track, “A Generation Puked,” erupts in a primal scream. Vocalist S. Stubblefield does such a good job playing a lounge lizard in “Silver-Tongued Devil” that you’ll want to take a shower afterward. Keep an eye on these guys.”

“Nashville's wryly named Methadone Actors settle into a ragged yet tension-ridden pop groove that's as understated as it is affecting on their debut CD. Think the Velvet Underground of "Pale Blue Eyes" with a stronger Southern accent, which I guess would be the Big Star of "Kanga Roo" with less instrumental baggage -- just warm, round organ tones wrapped around a scruffy guitar and a relaxed backbeat, with S. Stubblefield's deadpan vocals ominously croaking "I'm in control" on the disc's paranoid opening track ("Silver-Tongued Devil"). Stubblefield doesn't wallow in it like Alex Chilton. He approaches life's little disappointments (even his own) like a kid at a car wreck, with a curious mixture of detached horror and unselfconscious curiosity, hoping to catch a glimpse of a telling detail like the poetic make-up-smeared pillow in "Just like Mirrors." There are hints of the same unassuming brilliance Cincinnati's Ass Ponys displayed a few years back in cryptic,”

Matt Ashare - Boston Phoenix

“The Methadone Actors, a group of Louisiana emigrés and Belmont students whose sound is deceptively spacy and minimal. If CYOD’s sonic landscape is a concrete wall on the verge of toppling, The Methadone Actors’ is an abandoned strip mall flooded by a brilliant sunset—skeletal bass and drums that give way to gorgeous, crashing waves of guitar distortion, with pulsing keyboards and whispered voices that surface when least expected. Lead singer Steve Stubblefield’s ghostly croon haunts every song. The Methadone Actors’ new CD Analog Cabin shows an ambition and promise far beyond most of the band’s peers in the Nashville rock scene. It’s a sprawling collection filled with moody texture, bright moments, hidden tracks, and extended non-musical interludes ”

“4 fingers up! "More than just an impressive jump out of the gate...beautiful pop with mournful self-indulgence" ”

Eric Bensel - Alternative Press