Metameric / Press

“The first track on Metameric‘s new album The Shiver kicks off with a riff that sounds like early Mastodon but with less distortion, then the vocals come in with a major key riff and you think “Oh, it’s like Torche!” But you’d be wrong, because wait for the chorus. And then it hit me: these guys remind me of the late Swedish progressive metal masters in Burst. High praise indeed.”

“Hot on the heels of my love for ASG comes a record form local boys Metameric that has all the same elements I enjoy: good production, heavy riffs, spacey parts, kick ass drumming and great vocals. Frankly, I’m impressed that a band from Seattle is holding it down in this fashion. I’m also depressed that it took me this long to find out about them!”

“Stop what you’re doing right now and go purchase The Shiver, the new EP by Seattle’s very own Metameric.”

“Propulsive rhythm, dynamic changes, singing that declares, and a melody...Solid elemental hard rock band pushing things forward. Good luck, Metameric.”

“You guys peeled the paint off the walls - DAMN!”

Daniel Harper - Head Case Radio

“You guys are Mastodon's love child while they were high as balls on cocaine and the TV audience is not sure if the father is The Sword, The Mars Volta or Animals as Leaders. Blew me away the other night. Thank you for the religious experience, sir's!”