Metal Mother / Press

“Singer Metal Mother projects a dark image. The music is delightfully softer”

“You can almost picture the woman behind the sobriquet, crouching in some foggy wooded wonderland, scooping up soil and critters, ancient buried treasures of forgotten societies and precious metals.”

“(Ionika) is a good album to put on before committing a crime... 100% enjoyable”

“Metal Mother's unique sonic worlds worm themselves into your brain, firing off all the right signals.”

“Blown away by Oakland's Metal Mother! RIYL The Knife, Crystal Castles, Zola Jesus”

Aaron Axelsen of Live 105- 105.3 FM

"Sprinkle some DMT on your favorite breakfast cereal, and drift through phantom-space with Metal Mother"

"(Tati) is some sort of neon, acid-drenched wood nymph"

““...A bold and elemental sound...Tati sounds like a pop artist in the same vien as Bjork circa Homeogenic, and that alone implies talent." ”

Miller - SF Bay Gaurdian

"Dark, spooky melodies are layered over pulsating, seductive beats while Tati's voice ties it all together.....definitely captivating."

Amy Plitt - BUST Magazine

“With tense Celtic underpinnings that steam up from the underworld, she’s reinvented metal aesthetics for the sake of dark, tribal folk pop. ’Bonfire Diaries’ is solid body of atmospheric pop that will certainly thrill the masses ”