METAL KNIGHTS™ (Official) / Press

"METAL KNIGHTS" are the real deal, they have a sound that really brings back what TRUE HEAVY METAL is! These guys have it all! They definitely know how to write killer true METAL songs! Love them!


“METAL KNIGHTS have conjured the essential elements of metal to quench the thirst of the desert! It won't be long now that WORLD OF FOREVER has hit that the masses will catch on to what is really hot.”

“METAL KNIGHTS debut full length release "WORLD OF FOREVER"is metal history in the making! A new take on old school metal. With its classic metal sound and meaningful lyrics it is on its way to be album of the year for 2009!”

"World Of Forever is a metal album with a capital M. So sharpen your swords, drink your last mead and prepare to ride into battle with the Metal Knights!"