Messenger / Press

“Everything about You Choose, the fall of 2012 sophomore release from Arlington, Virginia based Messenger, screams of classic hard rock meets traditional heavy metal: An assertive joining of bludgeoning guitars, subterranean bass lines and tenacious drumming that allows for a surpassing heaviness but an element of accessibility at the same time”

“On this release, which is the bands sophomore effort entitled ‘You Choose’, the band continues to grow both musically and lyrically. Messenger do it better than most, so listen at Full Volume!”

“Messenger’s I'm Talking to You provides a nice overall diversion for the bulk of its twelve song playlist. At its best, this thing conjures true metal magic on “King of Kings,” “Special Delivery” and the careening-for-2:38 “Roar,” replete with stirring riffs, guitar-and-keyboard interplay perfect for any Riot or Manowar fan.”

"For a live album, it has excellent sound quality. A lot of independent live releases sound like glorified bootleg recordings, but not On Delivery (Live), it almost at times sounds like a studio release. Each instrument is heard with clarity and great separation, which is rare on many live albums."

“Overall, this is an excellent album. By live album standards it’s superb even.”