Message to Venus / Press

“A huge sounding band with big production, songs and performances. This one is a winner!”

Shannon Larkin - Godsmack

“A kick ass band with a lot of potential.”

Arejay Hale - Halestorm

“Banda de hard rock pulido con un sonido comercial y eficiente que sorprendió con su excelente cover del clásico de Depeche Mode “Stripped””

“Universal You is an infectious track that transcends above the average rock song!”

Gary Susalis - MusicChoise

“So for me, this is one of those EP’s you wanna hear endless times just so you know that you’re not imagining things, perfect for skeptics that hardcore rock is as dead as Nirvana’s frontman. I give this EP a perfect score.”

“Their passionate guitar riffs and crisp vocals are clearly becoming the hallmark of Message to Venus.”

“This EP is definitely one to pick up if you like straight up rock laced with some broody moments.”