Mesia / Press

“SAN FERNANDO VALLEY’S MESIA These hard rockers know no bounds”

"If you thought Hard Rock was making a quick and fateful exit from the mainstream, just take a look at Mesia, an up-and-coming San Fernando Valley outfit that takes an ode to the accelerated speed of Josh Homme and his crew in Queens of the Stone Age and the brushstroke-like musicality and vocal range of Soundgarden. Vocalist and guitarist Mike Lerman shoots toward the sky as far as Chris Cornell is concerned, adding the rest of the band's talents into a sum that's both immediately pleasure-seeking and confidently binding. "Point of No Return" comes off of their self-titled EP set for release on May 27th, and it's the right start for a band looking to excel in this often fringed category of rock and hoping to make it more accessible. It blares from the get-go and doesn't stop across its run time, and it's the perfect rush of blood to the head that you need to begin your week." - crashingsymbols.blogspot.com

"I give those kids free donuts every time they come in."

Lance Freestone - Daryl's Donut's