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“This self-styled “Nas meets Peter Gabriel” is the real deal, as aware as he is amusing, covering topics as diverse as the European Community taking over sovereignty from Norwegian citizens, to the plight of a poor cucumber destined for a salad”

“MesAyah’s voice carries a wisdom from the ages, modernized to today’s lexicon, preparing us for tomorrow’s future, grounded firmly in the past. His production values are clean and clear, with a sonic quality easily forgotten by many of the current rap and hip-hop releases and reaches deep within the listener, opening the door to an awakened soul.”

“MesAyah is original. He’s from Norway (not exactly a hip hop hot bed), he’s willing to break convention, and he preaches his own thoughts and ethos, untainted by what he “should” be rapping about or sharing with his listeners. MesAyah’s sound is undoubtedly something all his own and his style is also”

“I am not a hip hop artist, but this is good stuff, usually I can't listen long for my flavors are different, but there is enough variety here for all.”

gregg - gregg

“I think you have a great sound, easy on the ears and can hold my attention for more than a half of a minute! You got alot of potiential to really expand your fan base in the uk as well as here in the Caribbean!”

“Paradise of Paradigms: You got mic skills, and I like that you came off on a pretty original way of doing it. the sing song style, im diggin that too. ill listen to this again later to see how it hits me, some tracks mood really plays into whether you want to listen to it. at times, id bump this for sure.”

Se7enth Sun

“Paradise of Paradigms: all around good ep its not like i can only listen to 1 or 2 songs its all solid”

Jeff Edwards

“Rapper i Tigerstaden (Halden Arbeiderblad Lokalt 13. September 2009 10:25) Den EP-aktuelle haldenseren MesAyah er en av Oslos mest fremadstormende rappere. AV THORKIL H. LINDSKOG MesAyah (Jon Espen Ajer Stenersrød) fra Halden har utgitt en soulinspirert rap-EP.”

Thorkil H. Lindskog - Rapper i tigerstaden

“During the 5 tracks MesAyah is moving within themes such as the oppressed souls, the liberation of the individual and the masquerade many of us have for each other in the community. ”

“- «Free Your Soul» heter åpningslåten på EP-en. Den minner i stil og arrangement om soulkjempen Barry White?”

“Når man setter på MesAyah så får man servert en human lyrisk dansende rapper som omhandler den altomspinnende sjel, kunstneriske hyllester og oppgjør med samfunnets Normer og regler som får oss til å handle mot vår egen natur og eksistens.”

“Våre tekster er ofte politiske og formidler ønsket om rettferdighet og frihet for alle. Sånn sett er dette Amnesty-initiativet helt i vår gate, og absolutt noe vi ville være med å støtte,”