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“Kirk is an adept artist who infuses a powerful vibrancy into this sadcore themed offering. Her sweet, haunting melody and beguiling vocals tear your heart out with such elegance that you are left begging for more stories of beautiful anguish.”

“Missouri singer-songwriter Merry Ellen Kirk curates a dreamy, emotional ride on her new album, We Are the Dreamers. The songs vary from bright and shimmering to sober and yearning, with a few stops in between...”

“Merry Ellen Kirk makes pop magic on her newest album, “We Are the Dreamers.” ...It is Kirk’s personal inflection and finely tuned sense of wonder that makes the album not only work, but flourish. There is a perpetual sense of motion here, as she often sets slow, chordal keyboard playing against spiraling soundscapes and driving rhythms. Her voice is a lovely instrument and the glue that holds these songs together; it is full of character, able to convey both whimsy and vulnerability, sadness and a true believer’s optimism.”

“As she burns a trail through devastating emotions, she leads her listeners to hope.”

“[The music video for Ever After] is a fantastical, whimsical accompaniment to the folksy dream-pop offering.”

“If we knew how to put our finger on exactly what made Merry Ellen Kirk as enchanting as she is, we would. One of the most intriguing singers we have heard in a while, Kirk takes what many of us forgot as a child and brings it to life.”

“A subtle gem and a triumph.”

“Daily Discovery [10/12/2015]”

“Charming melodies and a haunting yet familiar vocal.”

““Ever After”, the heartfelt new single from Nashville’s Merry Ellen Kirk, imparts a plaintive melancholy that yields to private triumph.”

“...Haunting new track “Lovers & Liars.” The song revels in its own suspense; its opening moments are understated but with a production value that begs for a big outburst....Kirk gracefully commanding the way.”

“Her ethereal tunes beckon to you through melodic voice and pretty piano trills....the sounds of her different worlds collide to soothe your soul and give flight to your fancy.”

"Lovers and Liars"' is much more in the vein of Florence and The Machine or A Fine Frenzy than previous songs. The hazy, dreamy vibe of Firefly Garden-era tracks like "Field of Dreams" or "Masquerade" has been mixed with poppier elements and a strong chorus, stirring emotions not found in her previous work.

“Merry Ellen Kirk unfolds a tale of deception and betrayal that bursts into full-blown, orchestral rock.”

“The future will bring us a lot of beautiful and deeply evocative music from this young poet. Listen to her and open your mind to the world’s beauty.”

“Merry Ellen Kirk's keyboards and vocals reflect the best of what we love about Kate Bush, Tori Amos, or Aimee Mann--- a little winsome, a little worried, a lotta charm.”

Moonlight on the Mountain (Birmingham, AL)

“...She writes sensitive yet evocative songs...[with] a touch of Imogen Heap's delivery at times, while the music betrays a Sarah McLachlan influence.”

The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music

“Kirk takes the ethereal to the next level, the song ‘Candy’ being an especially delightful piece of modern dream-pop, immensely catchy without sacrificing wild charm.”

“Attention A Fine Frenzy fans, and everyone that enjoys brilliant and pretty piano enriched folky pop songs. Meet Merry Ellen Kirk, an incredibly talented singer-songwriter that grew up in Mongolia, but now lives in Nashville. Even if I tried, I could not describe better what her music sounds like than....her masterpiece of a biography that is in itself is worth reading, so don't skip down the music without giving your eyes a treat as well.”

"...a cross between a young Stevie Nicks and Jewel."

Brian Palmer - Stereo Subversion

“Merry Ellen is putting out some of the freshest indie pop I've heard recently...her current project...Firefly Garden, is filled with indie pop goodness that you should certainly give a listen...”

John's New Music Blog

"If you took Regina Spektor and Lisa Hannigan (and George Clooney) and they had a child...you'd get Merry Ellen Kirk."

“She's got a refreshing clout that few can pull off without straying into mainstream; her Polly Scattergood meets bar Queen on a downer vocals draft her back into the sacred realms of more-than-acceptable-and-not-folk nicely.”

"Merry Ellen Kirk plays earnest music, predominantly pianofolk, some of which sounds like Regina Spektor or Imogen Heap..."

“She is #@%&ing awesome.”

Eddie Owen - Eddie's Attic (Atlanta, GA)

"Merry Ellen's CD is excellent. I like the single - Blinding Me - the best. It fits her voice and style of delivery to great effect I think. A great version of Lay Your Hands also!"

Mark Isham - Grammy Award-Winning Film Composer

“Merry Ellen Kirk's music stood out at her debut album release party as powerful and impassioned...fans were delighted to hear her haunting voice as she sang several songs from her album and even gave guests the treat of hearing a new song that was not on the album.”

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