Merri Christi / Press

“Merri Christi produces new online film series to release fall 2017 and with a special pre-screening event in September. To see the teaser trailer for her film AE, go to www.youtube.com/merrichristi.”

“Merri Christi To Produce New Adventure Spy Movie And Launch An October Crowdfund Campaign For The Film.”

“MC Explorer Channel News: Merri Christi Youtube Channel will begin showing new films and travel/lifestyle vlogs. Invitations and updates about this exciting change will be sent on via social media and will share a range of opportunities for ways the public can join this adventurous series. In the meantime, to view more of Merri Christi's productions, visit her Film Media Center page at www.gcrestproductions.com. Also, you can visit her adventure-explorer entertainment channel, MC Explorer, at www.youtube.com/merrichristi. Thank you all for your support! Merri Christi Pemberton Recording Artist and Filmmaker www.gcrestproductions.com Twitter: @merrichristi Facebook: www.facebook.com/merrichristi”

"Filmmaker and recording artist Merri Christi released the trailer for her new book Invincible Treasures Adventure. Just like the book itself, the trailer will inspire you to believe that all good things are possible! To watch the trailer, go to Youtube link: https://youtu.be/VzgH6hMhoQE. The featured track is "Debut" by Merri Christi Pemberton."

“Merri Christi Launches New Film And Explorer Channel: Recording artist and rising filmmaker Merri Christi Pemberton has launched a series of new short films and shows, which will inspire the inner "explorer and life adventurer" in you. You can view them on her renewed Youtube channel, which changed from Merri Christi to the new Merri Christi Explorer channel. Merri Christi Explorer will expand its reach to other video and entertainment platforms in the upcoming year to meet the demands of a "Live Life To The Full" global audience. Link: https://www.youtube.com/merrichristi. ​”

“Merri Christi On MTV site: Recording artist and filmmaker Merri Christi is featured on MTV.com, as one of the artists under "Artists MTV". Selected tracks will be featured in an upcoming film soundtrack. More details TBA.”