Meridian / Press

“I highly doubt the House of Blues has ever hosted as much talent in one night as they did on this one. And I don't imagine they ever will again. Kicking off the show was a band doing their debut performance. Meridian. They may be a new band, but they're the local equivalent of a super-group. On the guitars you have Mark Sims & Shannon Nedved f Miser fame. Also of Miser is drummer, Moe Martinez, who also logged some time with SouthFM back in the day. I've never heard of their bassist, Chris Gentry, but he was great. And the voice of this talented band is that of Mr. Tim Ziegler, most notably of Darby & more recently the New Magnetic North. There's no denying, that's an impressive collection of musicians....I was also shocked at how cohesive they were. Sure they weren't perfect, but if I hadn't known this was their first show I would've thought they'd been together for years. Seriously. I can't wait for show number 2!”