Meri Amber / Press

“Watch this girl. She is doing something different. And whilst it’s quite a niche thing at the moment songs of this strength will slowly win people over.”

“BONUS POINTS for not just spouting out references... Each song is well written which is appreciated as most songs in this genre are full of repetition and clichés.”

“Like nothing we at OpJam have heard before! Meri Amber is like a comic book Taylor Swift, writing sassy tunes that stay in your head”

“Impeccably crafted and irresistible songs”

“Clearly a talented lyricist with an ear for a hook.”

“A polished and professional performer and delivers her excellent songs with passion. Her vocals, guitar playing and stage presence are absolutely stunning. We believe that you’ll certainly be hearing much more of Meri Amber.”

“Beautiful and quirky, and sometimes even funny”

“Granville singer/songwriter Meri Amber's music videos viewed by more than a million in lead-up to new CD release and concert”

“Amber embraces her quirky, self-designated “geek-pop” over the mainstream style.”

“Geek songstress wins KPMG's ear”

“Meri Amber isn't your typical musician”

“Songs dealing with relationship break-ups may dominate the charts these days, but emerging singer/songwriter Meri Amber is bucking the trend- with a twist.”

“Meri Amber didn't want to make another music video of people sitting by the beach at sunset.”

“She may be less famous than Sydney's free hug man, but Meri Amber is well on her way to starting her own social movement”

“Musician is calling all couples”