“It’s clear now that this is a live album, and the energy is there to prove it!”

“Live At The Crescent Ballroom - Every moment of it is brilliant and it reveals Mergence at their best!”

“The band really does have a good thing going on!”

"White Bark," an enchantingly melodic track, a mesmerizing, atmospheric, and somewhat 60s psychedelic vibe.

"Mergence plays brilliant rock, pure and true"

"Mergence is one of the most inspirational and unique local bands around."

"The perfect anthem for Independence Day"

“This is rock 'n' roll in the purest sense”

“Mergence Finds the Right Lineup, Balance on Their New Record”

“It tells a flowing story about life, love and death ”

“Mergence Discusses New Album, Recording with Bob Hoag, and Local Shows”

“Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead, is an absolutely excellent contribution to the music of Arizona”

“This album is a statement that despite a setback or two, the young are still kicking.”

“It’s the type of music works with the weight of the world to get it off your back.”

“- AZ Music Connect - CD Review Stellar Debut:”

“Mergence’s new album is titled Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead, but its music refutes this statement at every turn.”

“Tempe-based blues rock quartet is bringing real rock and roll to local music”