Men On Earth / Press

“A fantastic example of the evolution of Rock & Roll, Men on Earth has fused some of the best intuitions and inclinations of many of indie rock's legends into something inventively fun as well as instinctively and viscerally....well, rockin'. The care with which they have crafted the arrangements is unusually impressive...There's a noticeable pop sensibility here, but the rock attitude seems to override it. Even in the "tamer" tracks, the guitar solos still smoke and the need to bang your head just a wee bit are undeniable. There's a musical dissonance reminiscent of the better work of The DeLeo brothers of Stone Temple Pilots, and the lead vocals are a wonderful hybrid of Bono and Toadies' Todd Lewis. I don't often say things like this, but Men on Earth is a band I'd like to be in...If you like the post-punk chillness of The Smiths, but also get into Soundgarden, check these guys out.”

"These guys combine elements of classic and alternative rock...powerful vocal harmonies, loads of sound, and great songwriting...it's a completely original blend that WILL impress. Sales were wonderful all night, and the energy of the live performance was absolutely explosive..." - Two Guys Pizza & Ribs

John and Melody Crawford - Men On Earth Album Release Party

"They have stunning potential. I strongly recommend this group to any venue owner with a sincere passion for originality. There was an outstanding response from their audience, and to those unfamilar with the group, inquiries were made throughout the evening. I'm proud to support them." - Square 1 Cafe

Rob Keener - Local Talent

"A seamless blend of today's musical genres,exquisitely executed by gifted musicians, who have obviously worked long and hard on their art. Expect an outstanding small venue performance worthy of holding it's own in a mega-venue setting."- Black Bear Coffee Co.

Bo Rodriquez - Men On Earth