Memoir of a Massacre / Press

“well crafted collection of high energy music... mastered the art of their craft”

“Being a fresh band and highly talented, its my opinion they will reach much higher ground in the coming years.”

“Metalcore done RIGHT!”

“I was recently sent a link to the album to do a review and knew mid way thru the first song that this was going to be one of the easiest reviews I have ever had the honor of writing. Once I heard the album from beginning to end I quickly realized why PROJECT: RECORDS wanted this band to be part of their label. It is SIX of some of the best METALCORE tracks that you could ever feed a brain that is starving for superior metal...... THIS IS BY FAR MY HIGHEST RATING OF AN ALBUM REVIEW EVER: 4.5 out of 5 ”

“ If your in the mood for some real cut-throat metal, check out Memoir of a Massacre. Residing from Virginia Beach, VA, “Posession” is thier pre-release single off of their upcoming E.P. set to release in January.”

“For all my Metal followers. Check out Memoir of a Massacre. I know you guys will love this band. "Fist of Words" and "Break Me" sound incredible. If you get the chance you should definitely see these guys if you live in the Virginia area. They work hard to bring you the music.”

“If there is any band that I can honestly say was memorable to work with, it’s definitely Memoir of a Massacre. Not only are the members awesome and great to work with, they produce killer metal.”

“I'm glad things are going well. I really appreciate all the pushing you have all been doing for explore. It means a lot to me.”

Bob Lavoy - Explore Apparel

“Huge thanks to Arabella (MD), E L I S I U M, and Saint Diablo for coming down for last nights stop on THE OCTOUR! Big thanks to Memoir of a Massacre for ripping it up first thing in the am, and an even bigger thanks to Remnant for hoping on at the last minute and coming through in a pinch! LAST NIGHT WAS A BLAST!”

Allan Shires - Ectoplasm Productions

“I wouldn't have had anyone else open the tour. You guys definitely set the bar tonight!”

JennCity - The Exposed Music Tour

“Last year [at The Slave To The Metal Tour], you guys were good. This year, you were GREAT!”

JennCity - The Exposed Music Tour

“Impressive job last night! You guys were awesome!!”

"Yea, I caught you guys at the [half]shell a few weekends ago with SINN and Dreadline... At first, I thought "Oh lord, another hardcore, scream band", but after a few, I changed my mind. It's good to hear some actual vocals in some local metal. Keep it up, break the monotony of the hardcore, scream metal."

Ricky - The Halfshell

"Thank you [Memoir of a Massacre]. It's always great to see familiar faces when you're on the road. These guys have shown what it means to support local music. Even though they didn't have to, they stayed to support us." -Bill Bailey (Kingdom Entertainment) [Do or Die Tour w/ Tensionhead and Enter the Era]

Bill Bailey - Kingdom Entertainment

“Congratulations on an awesome show Sunday! You were definitely on your game. Can't wait to bring you down to SC [South Carolina] so you can play for one of our hometown crowds. ”

Brendan - Enter the Era

“Holy fucking shit. Dude yall sound AMAZING no homo. I want a copy of yall's recordings so I can rock out in my car with it. Hit me up!”

Myspace Comment Fan Reviews

“I realized listening to your recordings that A. You guys are fucking awesome and B. Belmont sounds a little like Randy from LOG [Lamb of God] on these songs, as far as raw intensity goes. Fist of Words and Break Me are my favorite of your songs! ”

Shane - Myspace Comment Fan Reviews