Melting Pot / Press

“I love this kind of groove-laden cross between rock and funky, blues, inspired soul. Stripped down and as real as can be. This is a band I will keep my eye on.”

“Melting Pot is a Toronto based band currently performing as a trio with a refreshing style and sound. Their recent release is a 5 song EP with 'All That You Dream' as the single but each song speaks to you in it’s own persuasive way. In an attempt to put a label on the style I find myself hearing influences but unable to define any one band. The guys in Melting Pot define themselves as rock & roll soul and that sums it up for me. After listening to the disc many times I noticed my favorite seemed to change as each song became more familiar, eventually making them all favorites! All songs are class, as well as the band, Nelson, Darin, and Carmelo. I won’t define who’s who as I want you to take a listen to the videos and their music on their website to get to know them yourself. Melting Pot include a free download for signing up for their mailing list on their website. Check them out, download their music, and follow them on Facebook! If you wanna see them live, let them know it!”

“Blues-tinted hard rock that blends the traditional with swagger and grittiness.”

“True to its name, Melting Pot's recent performance (March 13, 2010) blended a mutltiude of rock n'roll influences, styles and riffs. The result: a sound – their sound – embodied in a succession of tunes that cast me into a lull - along with every one else. All eyes, all attention were riveted on the three guys up top the stage. My head began nodding in time with the beat and not long after, my body began swaying. I was in my own world, a music travelogue, with the band acting as conductor. A couple more songs went by with me making mental notes, caught up, while the guitarist (Nelson Sobral) rocked out, drummer (Carmelo Galle) exerting as much energy as required for an intricate combo, then returning to his modest efficiency, everything anchored by this methodical, impassive bassist (Darin Meilleur) with heavy fingers.”

“So I have a new favourite thing and it's a Toronto-based Rock & Roll Soul band with a sound like no other. They go by the name of Melting Pot, and I was lucky enough to get to hang with them yesterday afternoon for an unconvential taping of THE MANDY SHOW. Thanks for the memories, boys!”

“The band Melting Pot kicked off the show with its rock 'n' roll soul sound led by Nelson Sobral, who weaved his soulful vocals and blistering guitar work into each and every song with the help of bassist Darin Meilleur and drummer Carmelo Galle.”