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“Ed’s Best of 2011 List 9. Melted Horses, “Live Burnin’” - Long live the ’70s! If you are of the older generation, you remember the epic live albums of the 70s, complete with solos and straight out rocking. We are lucky to have the Melted Horses, and may they always be around to carry on the tradition.”

“Melted Horses round out the Halloween Bash trifecta of free music with original tunes fueled by the sounds of the late 60s and early 70s and guitar driven rock in the spirit of Dicky Betts.”

“By my ear, the Horses are a refreshing change of pace in today’s increasingly homogeneous music industry. Their classic rock infused sound harkens back to the days of classic rock, when each band had their own unique sound, instantly recognizable, and equally enjoyable. The Horses have crafted their sound around the southern rock inspired vocals of lead singer Angelo Lanham, the dual guitar attack of Lanham and lead guitarist Greg Knudsen, and the family built rhythm section of Derek and Jake Martinez on bass and drums. Live Burnin’ opens with a bang, behind the aptly named Rock & Roll Explosion, driven by the lock-tight guitar combination of Knudsen and Lanham weaving an infectious and catchy riff, reaching climax with a fast, blues inspired solo from Knudsen, as the Martinez connection lay down the solid backing track needed for the axe-slingers improvisation, before bringing everything back on track and taking it home with another appearance of the song’s signature riff...(c”

“...and Melted Horses will be performing at Carbone's Bar and Billiards in Monterey on Saturday, October 29. These California-based rock groups each have a distinctive sound and are sure to blow the roof off the place! Come on down to rock out with these killer bands.”

“Melted Horses- Live Burnin’ Review Melted Horses is a 70s sounding band and makes no apologies about it. And there is no need for any apologies. Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple fans in the Bay Area should be rejoicing. This live album was recorded at The Nine Lives Club in Gilroy from one single show in April 2011. Incredibly, no overdubs at all were done. The performance is raw and captured beautifully by house engineer David Price. “Rock & Roll Explosion” starts off the album in a high tempo fashion. With some awesome guitar licks reminiscent of Jimmy Page, it is impossible not to be reminded of the classic live 70s bands. Greg Knudsen and Angelo Lanham are the duo behind the guitar attacks, with Derek Martinez (bass) and Jaik Martinez (drums) providing the soul underneath the jams. The second song is a straight ahead rocker entitled “Rosie” which keeps the jams coming. If Rosie likes a good guitar solo, she would do well to see the Melted Horses live....(con't)”

“...And with gruff vocals and impressive guitar, Melted Horses boils some 70’s rock, with some country and blues stirred in. Here is a perfect opportunity to support the live music scene in Monterey County.”

“There are some things that won't be missed from the '70s: the gaudy home décor, the Pet Rock, President Gerald Ford. But amongst the disco balls and Farrah Faucet posters, one thing did stand out: the music. The rock of the '70s can't be denied, and San Jose's own Melted Horses are here to prove it. With a name that sounds like a mare meeting his doom in the glue factory, these guys take the best of the Me Generation and churn out original rock in the vein of The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and down home blues.”