It is well known that the frostbitten north of Scandinavia is home to countless metal bands. Considering its small population, Norway has given the world an extraordinary amount of quality heavy music over the last three decades. Of course, it probably goes without saying that black metal remains its most famous musical export. But there is more to the country than just frosty riffs and corpsepaint, or skiing, viking landmarks and breathtaking fjords.

From the south eastern part of Norway comes the band MELTDOWN. In an area known for its cultural and industrial history, the band sounds just like this: tons of heavy riffs, crashing drums, thunderous vocals that is hard-hitting and bone-crushing metal. A Norwegian backbone, for sure.

MELTDOWN is six guys that brings a wide variety of influences to the music. The band combines several styles. The basis is tough and punchy metal with a nice mix of everything from metalcore to classic heavy metal. One of the advantages is two great vocalists so the metalcore approach can be mixed with clean vocals. From the start we have taken this band our way and are not going to think about what the flavor of the month is, or to fit in this or that specific genre, subgenre or trend. We do exactly whatever we want to do with our music and our approach is very simple: is it good or not?

The debut album “Answers” came together from two years of fun and a few various members. As it often is with new bands. The songs were moulded by the entire band, and also recorded and produced by the band. Vocalist Pat did a great job as an engineer and mixed the album. The band took the finished album as a sneak preview to a few magazines and received rave reviews, such as:
"My favourite is "Hollow" with a tasty acoustic intro that goes over to a massive riff that the late Dimebag Darrell from Pantera probably would be proud of. And that is saying a lot about Meltdown". Fredriksstad Blad
"It features eight hard-hitting, bone-crushing songs that will place Meltdown as one of the premier underground heavy metal bands in Europe." JPSMusicblog.blogspot.com
"The title track “Answers” is a typical track from the eight-featured cuts here, with the superb blending of clean and dirty vocals and muscle bruising guitars mixed in with the more melodic playing." ExplicitlyIntense.com
“The eight songs on 'Answers' are absolutely headbang material from beginning to end and the raw energy ensures that you'll be moving for some time. This must surely be a thrill during live performances. Heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, for everyone there is something to find so 'Answers' must surely be able to find a big audience.”

After the recording of the album co-founder and drummer Fredrik Johannessen decided to quit the band. Robin Fagerland switched from bass to drums and Morten Nilsen was recruited on bass. MELTDOWN is: Patrick Karlsen (vocals), Thomas Arntzen Dahl (vocals), Jørgen C. Hansen (guitar), Knut Klaunes (guitar), Robin Fagerland (drums), Morten Nilsen (bass).

MELTDOWN is delighted to have signed a worldwide distribution deal for this album with WormHoleDeath Records and Aural Music, and their wide network. The band is ready to tour and is also writing new material.
MELTDOWN is proud to be a Rotosound Music Strings artist.

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