Melsi ( I am a lyricist) / Press

“Both Stewart Stutrol and I were excited to provide our track Adrenalin for a Renderosity Marketplace 'Promotional Advert'. The product - "Talon" is a very neat character for the Daz3D based Genesis 2 Male. Created by the very talented, DarwinsMishap and ChangelingChick. Animation and Post Production - Lawsuit Pending Records, Talon at the Renderosity Marketplace - https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/talon-g2m/111914/”

Adrenalin Used in Promo Ad

“Great interview with Liane from BBC Radio Warwickshire.....so lovely to talk about Shine a Light - Navjyoti Ki Or and to be part of such a worthy cause. Sagarika sings both versions beautifully x”

BBC Radio Warwickshire

“Well well..local girl lyricist Melsi has airplay again with My First Broken Heart, written with talented songwriting partner Billy Playle and sung by the beautiful Sag from Wild Blossoms girl band on the Paul Moss Show BBC Radio Gloucester twice now!”

BBC Radio Glos - Paul Moss Show BBC Radio Glos

“My First Broken Heart has just had its second airplay on BBC Radio Glos..Woop Woop! Lyrics my own, composer and instrumentals Billy Playle, sung by the wonderful Sag from Wild Blossoms!! Group hug x”

BBC Radio Glos

“BBC RADIO AIRPLAY!!!!!BBC RADIO SHROPSHIRE'S Marie Crichton's Country Show played When It's Your Time To Go..... Frank Prenevost & Melsi have a group hug!! (We were played right under Carrie Underwood, a jolly good place to be to):) xx”


“Inhale Life!! A super collab....”

Paul Moss BBC Radio (Introducing) Show! Inhale Life!

“Hey guys, take a look at this GREAT review of "Falling For You", from Chartbase.dk: "Faling For You" is a multi-National collaboration, between UK, Estonia and Denmark. Songwriter Mellina Barnett from the United Kingdom wrote the lyrics, Vahur Kannikka from Estonia composed the melody, Billy Playle /UK for the production, while Danish Songwriterz delivered vocal and mix. "Falling For You" is an incredibly beautiful singer-songwriter-pop-song full of feel-good mood with Heidi Henriksen's amazing vocal as icing on the cake. A collaboration that can be said to go into a higher unity and certainly should be able to survive on any airplay chart with respect for themselves. So while waiting for a new single from the Danish duo Songwriterz, this is a welcome appeterif. But a really great song here, which clearly deserves a listen!”

Chartbase.dk - Radio Review

“Selftort sung Love Blindness live on an Australian Radio Station!! Dark Eyes has also had air play on the same show!”

Australian Radio

“Fantastic interview with Claire Carter on BBC Radio Gloucester! She played You Loved My Way. Brilliant to hear the song on the radio!”

BBC Radio Gloucester