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I've changed my artistname to Melodist since my first and last name is too universally indescribable or easy to understand .Playing and improvising on the piano is like learning to ride a bicycle or writing novels ; it`s always in the fingers and in the legs to get the groove despite artistic periods of breath and refreshed inspiration. Which in development is just as important to have. E.g. expect inspired surprises. Nature inspires me, and so do a lot of different composers. I`m a self-taught piano composer since childhood, schooled for 11 years not more in music, and later on a diploma educated film composer from Norway. Inspired by nature and melodies from a mixture of soundtracks and conceptual musicians. Classical background with influence from artists who like to compose to nature and in minor.

Instrumentation: Piano player (main instrument), some vocals, arranged for instrumentalists. Arranger for mix, and realtime live recording/recorder.

Lyrical and wordly background as writer. Some mixing and sound filtering.

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Melodist (Iselin)
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Oslo, NO

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