“Melodic Yoza fused Reggae with other genres of music long before Rihanna and Justin Bieber Reggae Soul Hop artist, Melodic Yoza releases his new single and video from his C.B.K project (PRWEB) February 24, 2016 The music world is in an uproar, especially fans of Reggae Dancehall, about Rihanna and Justin Bieber’s tropical island fuse music more popularly known as Dancehall music. Nonetheless, Reggae music is more than just Dancehall, it is also Ska, Mento, Roots, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop with a lot of Soul. It is part of the Jamaican culture and lifestyle. However, other cultures see Reggae as vacation music and never take it serious until someone else does it outside of the Reggae community. The real innovators are overlooked and are rarely given credit where it is due. With that being said, Rihanna and Justin Bieber are just embracing good music and there is nothing wrong with that. The greater issue is that the Reggae community does not do enough to support the differen”

“Straight out of Toronto, Parent Trap is a brand-new, genre-bending musical collective featuring the lyrical stylings of Melodic Yoza, the Saint Thomas, Jamaica-born MC whose sound spans reggae, hip-hop, and soul. We last heard from Yoza on last year’s jazz-inflected “We Got Love,” shortly after his music was featured on The Jersey Shore (island vibes, beach vibes..) Now, he’s working with a group of talented T-Dot producers, including YAKOBEAN, The Bass6, and TMB, to “provoke the endless boundaries of urban music.” The collective’s first single, “Bad Up,” has a gritty hip-hop vibe to go along with the tune’s straight-from-yard title. Yoza’s ragamuffin flow goes easy over the swaggering beat, a big hip-hop groove with a hint of dancefloor-ready EDM. Listen below, and get ready for more from Parent Trap on their upcoming EP Treehouze.”

“Born in Saint Thomas, Jamaica, raised in New York City, and now based in Toronto, Melodic Yoza specializes in a sound he calls “reggaesoulhop.” The artist, who recently debuted his new project The Parent Trap with us, via their track “Bad Up.” Here, he shares his love for dancehall great Lt. Stitchie, and his classic 1987 video for “Natty Dread.””

“Melodic Yoza Recalls School Days Though he has lived in New York and Canada for the past 20 years, singer Melodic Yoza still considers himself a Jamaican country boy. He recalls his formative years in the parish of St Thomas on School Days, his latest song. Yoza produced School Days, the follow-up to Jam Ya Jazzy, his seven-song EP which was released in May. According to the 32-year-old Yoza, the mini set is a precursor to Ride On Natty, his second album which is expected to be out in February. It will showcase a sound he describes as a blend of reggae, soul and hip hop. “It’s meant to bridge the gap and reach audiences far and wide. I think it is a sound with a lot of potential,” he said. Ride On Natty is co-produced by Yoza and Jason Poras, an American musician from Boston. Yoza was raised on reggae and dancehall in Jamaica but got into hip hop when he migrated to New York City in the 1990s....... GO TO MY WEBSITE FOR FULL INTERVIEW WWW.YOZA.CA”

“Check out my man Melodic Yoza and his track "Ride On" on the Jersey Shore MTV.com MTV.ca Big ups to Ricky Tepperberg and cliff simpsonfor production and All Ears Music for placement! Great job guys love this <3 Jersey-shore-season-5-ep-9-the-truth-will-set-you-free”

“Soul of the Lion Music And the winner is.... Melodic Yoza takes home the 2011 TD Canada Irie Fest People's Choice Award and video of the year. Yoza fi real...”

“ Every once in a while, people find themselves in an unanticipated place at an unexpected time. And on some of these rare occasions, this break in routine can lead to an unforeseen discovery. Such was the case with Melodic.”

“All Ears Music All Ears Music teams up with reggae/soul sensation Melodic Yoza for a key placement in the feature film "On The Ice", 2011 Sundance Film Festival”

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“Music with a Purpose If music could come to life and talk, see and move like a person, it would BE Tall, dark and strongly built, this man is a living instrument. Give him two words and he'll come up with a catchy tune you can groove to. When he speaks he sounds as if he's sharing a lullaby and the flow of his voice is hypnotizing. He is an extension of his alter ego, "Melodic," which this young Reggae singer uses as his stage name. "I was born this way," he says of his musical career. "Basically this is my purpose." After hearing Melodic's recent hit, "Ride On," - a song about staying strong during harsh times inspired by his own homeless experiences, and seeing others in the same place struggle - it is clear that this artist doesn't just make music that sounds good but creates it with a message that sticks. Kiwibox sat down with this Jamaican born music man and had an inspiring chat about music and its power to change, how making a difference starts from within”